5 Starting Tulsa Car Crash Statistics


Approximately 2.4 million people die every year in the US due to preventable accidents involving trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Tulsa County residents are no exception, as the death rate has gradually improved through the years.

It shows the detrimental effect that high rates of speed violations have on traffic injuries and accidents and the importance of continued enforcement of traffic incidents to improve driver safety. 

Tulsa Car Crash Statistics And Facts

A staggering number of US car accidents involve drunk drivers. The majority of deaths, however, are caused by speeding. Despite the deaths, over 2 million victims are injured in car crashes. Regardless of how careful you may be, it’s essential to have a reliable Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer at speed dial to assist in case of unwanted scenarios related to car incidents. 

With thousands of accidents in the city yearly, being involved in a collision is a plain headache, but with the help of a well-versed car crash lawyer, you can easily find answers to all your queries.

  • When and where do car accidents happen in the state?

Looking at the statistics, traffic incidents happen every day in the state. However, these car accidents are not adequately distributed annually. Some days, months, or times are more prone to crashes compared to others. From the data provided by the OHSO or Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, the most crucial time is from 3 to 6 pm, with 26% of all collisions happening during the 3-hour window. 

77.3% of traffic accidents occur in urban locations, while 22.7% occurred in rural areas. Despite this fact, the majority of fatalities occurred on most rural roads. Traffic deaths occurred in rural locations, in more crowded cities and towns.

  • Is drunk driving and speeding a crucial problem?

Drinking and driving in the county is a significant problem. The local government makes sure it works to raise public awareness, law enforcement continues to arrest individuals for DUI. In previous years, alcohol consumption contributed to 3,171 car accidents.

Drunk driving is still one of the leading causes of car crashes that result in injuries in the state. These collisions often send people to the clinic and hospital. Alcohol consumption is responsible for most impacts resulting in medical attention. 

Overspeeding is another critical issue in the state. For instance, accidents in the state are caused by drivers over speeding or driving erratically. This provides a 4% increase in speeding-related crashes.  

  • Do you remember to buckle your seatbelts when driving?

Wearing a seatbelt when you hit the road is essential and can save lives, protect you, and increase success when filing for claims. According to the safety office state record, 85.6% of drivers or motorists involved in a collision buckle their seatbelts. This figure continues to increase each year. 

91.1% of minors, especially children involved in a collision, wear appropriate protection or restraint—seat belts. 

  • How many fatal vehicular accidents happen in the state each year?

Although this year’s records show a slight improvement from last year, road safety measures are vital to prevent collisions. Prior records show 584 fatal traffic crashes in 2019. These car collisions killed 640 people.

  • Injury/death rate of pedestrian and cyclist involved in a car incident

According to Tulsa county records, pedestrians involved in a car accident are 9x more likely to acquire severe injury or die of the collision than those inside their vehicle. At the same time, cyclists are 5x more likely to get a severe injury or die from a car crash compared to those inside the car. 

The number of pedestrian injuries among minors or children 14 and younger costs $5.2 billion annually. Car crash data often overstate the presence of pedestrians, as they account for 18% of fatalities while only accounting for 10.9% of trips.

What Should You Do When Involved With A Car Accident

Knowing what to do during a car collision is essential. The following methods can help protect your life and future financial stability: 

  • Call the ambulance if severely injured immediately

If you are injured in an accident and need an ambulance, call 911 immediately and ask for one. If you cannot make the call, have a bystander make it.

  • Inform the insurance company

Report the accident to your insurance company after you have received medical care. Include the date and the location of the accident.

  • Call the police/authorities.

After notifying your insurer, contact the police, who can compile a police report detailing the circumstances and assigning blame. You can use that report to file a personal injury claim.

  • Collect evidence

Taking plenty of photos and videos will serve as evidence in the event of a lawsuit. If possible, try to contact and ask for witnesses and information while at the crash scene. 

  • Get in touch with your lawyer.

You may need the services of an experienced car accident attorney after compiling evidence. 

Final Words

Whether you seek more information on Tulsa’s car accidents’ statistics or an experienced and reliable attorney to help you with a personal injury claim, the data mentioned above will help you weigh your options and find the most suitable help. The reality of car collisions helps raise awareness and prevent fatalities. It is crucial to take extra precautions to avoid injuries and wrecks.