5 Things that people get wrong with micro bikinis


Without any doubt, micro bikinis are provocative, bold but also a fashion statement.In this article BBC explains why bikini have turned into a “fashion classic”.

                They reveal more than any other type of clothing and it takes a lot of guts to put one on. But this is also the biggest issue of this clothing item; they might be too revealing to some.

                Truth be told, microkinis or extreme bikinis like these cannot be worn anywhere. You cannot wear them in public and especially on public beaches. In a way, they are borderline nudity. Due to their nature, people often have a misconception about them as well as women wearing them.

                Here are some of the most common things that people get wrong when it comes to micro bikinis.

  • They are for women with curves

Men love curves and their first association when you mention bikinis is either breast or butt. But does it mean that thin, less endowed women cannot wear them? Absolutely not. Like any other fashion item, micro bikinis are made for all women regardless of their body type. While certain items may fit a bit better for bigger women, that doesn’t mean that tinny women cannot fit in them. This is especially noticeable in the last year or two when products are made for all women without any restriction.

  • They cannot be used for my body type

When it comes to micro bikinis, it is all about confidence. If you don’t have faith in yourself, perhaps it’s better to avoid the product altogether. But saying that micro sets are not for your body type is ludicrous. As already mentioned, there are models for all sizes. So, no matter how tall, short, thin or thick you are, there will be an item that will look great on you. Keep in mind that micro bikinis are all about freedom, fashion, and the ability to express yourself. Don’t avoid showing your attributes just because of misconceptions or social norms!

  • They are only for young

Like any other fashion item, there is no age limit when it comes to bikinis or micro bikinis. It all comes down to your natural inhibitions and to be honest, older women are much more comfortable with their body. Also, they usually care less about the opinion of others. While young women may feel self-conscious, older ones will feel the freedom that these items bring. This is also confirmed by the number of sales. In the US, women from 40 and above make for a big percentage of micro bikini buyers.  So, if you think that age is a limiting factor, think again.

  • They cannot be worn in public

This is both true and false. Again, it depends on a type of micro bikini you have. Of course, perhaps these items are not the most suitable if you’re going to a public beach. Again, it depends on the rule of the particular sand beach. But saying that the products cannot be worn anywhere is far from the truth. Given that we’re all becoming more liberal with our bodies, micro bikinis are often seen as an expression of yourself. In Europe, Australia and North America, they will be much more acceptable than in some other parts of the world.

  • Women look cheap and slutty wearing them

Again, we come of the fact that we’re living in a liberal world. In fact, there are many celebrities who love dressing in lewd clothing. Nowadays, the norms are much more different when it comes to what is acceptable and what not. This is precisely why micro bikinis are so popular. But again, there is no point in judging anyone. In the end, it all comes to your upbringing and whether you’re more liberal and conservative. Still, you shouldn’t feel bad for wearing such an item. Instead, embrace your free spirit the right way!


                Due to their specific nature, micro bikinis can be eyebrow-raising. Again, it depends on the group of people surrounding you.

                No matter what, you shouldn’t judge the item or the people wearing it. Instead, you might try it yourself, see if you feel good in it. Only then can you decide and form an opinion about the item. Until then, try to keep an open mind!