5 Tips How to Dress Like a French Woman

MoonStruck - Stunning Evening Dress Collection By Galia Lahav

Choose Neutrals

One of the first places where to start is to switch to neutrals. Neutral colors are great because it creates an expensive vibe, as well as matches everything and every time. French loves neutrals, like black, white, navy or tonal colors, because you can wear it daily and mix with other neutrals. Or maybe a little bit brighter accessories or apparel elements. Moreover, all the clothing in neutral colors will be functional and always appropriate. So you won’t miss dressing in those colors.

Quality over Quantity

French girls all around the world know that it is much smarter to shop for more quality full clothing items than to shop for many poor quality ones. These items will be your companions for long, and it will definitely look expensive (because they are). But consider all the benefits of investing in good apparel. First, as mentioned before, it will last for long. Second, it will look great and create a more elegant vibe. Finally, you will cherish those clothing much more because you spend money on it! But there actually is a nice way to get it all much cheaper! I am talking about various coupons to shop at worldly famous fashion brands. For instance, with Saks Fifth Avenue coupons from ChameleonJohn, you can shop for quality full clothing items and dress yourself like a French lady. So definitely invest in some nice, maybe even designer made clothing items, and you will see – you will feel amazing with it.

Fit is The Key

Definitely, one of the most important things to look your best is to take a better attention to the clothing items’ fit on you. It is mandatory to shop for the right size and right body shape hugging clothing. Forget about oversized jackets, way too tight pants or ill-fitted dresses. Dress only for your body type and make sure that your body in embraces in only the right places. This is now French girls does it! Shopping assistants will be happy to help you to decide if that item fits you well. So don’t lock yourself in a changing cabin and get out to show yourself for friends or just a stranger getting dressed nearby. Many different opinions will help you understand if that item is the right for you. So definitely look for the right fit and cut for you.

Don’t Follow Trends to Much

The most stylish French women don’t follow every new trend that comes every season. Instead, they shop for the most classical items in the line and mix and match it with other clothing from previous seasons. So don’t push yourself too much and avoid getting all the items in that line. It will only match with itself and that is just not practical at all. Also, durability and timeless clothing is the most important factor for clothing too. Remember, you can get these timeless clothing everywhere (just like simple black dresses, snug jeans or tailored blazers). But the most important part is that all these clothing should be in excellent quality and look or feel (not be!) expensive. So better choose more classical pieces and be sure to look your best every day.

Love Yourself

Finally, the last tip how to look your best and French inspired is to love yourself and show that to the world! Also, French women know how they look and they act like it! You can dress cheap, but with a great attitude and posture you can look like a million bucks! French women are real masters of it, and so you can! Also, they always look great and take care of themselves too. No matter if they go to the grocery store or somewhere else, you will never see a French woman with yoga pants or a sweatshirt in public. So love yourself, get a right attitude and soon you will hear lots of compliments for you.