The role canines play in the lives of humans cannot be overemphasized. Dogs offer a unique type of companionship, unlike any humans. They can give and receive attention which increases feelings of happiness and security and decreases loneliness.

Dogs also reduce stress level so much that they are used therapeutically in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and hospices. They assist people with disabilities, including deafness and blindness with walking, travelling and living independently. Also, canines offer an immense feeling of security. You can be rest assured that they will devote themselves to protecting you and members of your family. Dogs are thus significant to us, and this has led to trying to know certain breeds and their unique traits.

  1. Golden Retriever: 

This dog breed is known for his sweet, puppy-like temperament which makes him a joyful play partner to people of different ages. They are one of the most popular kinds in the United States. The golden retriever is a friendly, intelligent and loyal breed of canines that can fill different roles with ease as a therapy dog, family dog, guide for the blind and a hunting companion. 

Their male breeds have a height of about 22.5 to 24.5 inches and a weight of about 65-80 pounds while their female race has a height of about 21 to 23 inches and a weight of about 50-65 pounds. In general, they are good-natured, outgoing and smart breed, which makes them trustworthy leaders in several roles. For some types of golden retriever breeds, you can check the golden retriever guide.

  1. German Shepherd:

This dog breed is a courageous, confident and smart dog known for his high intelligence and loyalty. They are often agile, large and muscular. They are easy to train and eager to please, which is why they are used mostly as service dogs, obedience dogs, agility dogs, sentinels and police dogs. Though they do not spread their affection to the general public, they are very loyal to their owners or primary caretakers.

Their males have a height of about 24.5 to 26.5 inches and a weight of about 70 to 90 pounds while their females have a height of about 21 to 24 inches and a weight of about 55 to 70 pounds. I guess it’s because of this breed’s peculiarities that former American president John .F. Kennedy owned one named “Clipper”.

  1. Rottweiler:

Known for his strength, calm confidence and agreeable disposition, rottweilers often strike an unlikely balance between a goofy playmate and a world-class guardian. They are strong, loyal and hardworking breeds and affectionate to those closest to them. They are highly trainable, intelligent and thrive when working with their human partners. This is why they make excellent police dogs, search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs.

Their males have a height of about 23 to 27 inches and a weight of about 100 to 135 pounds while their females have a height of about 22 to 26 inches and a weight of about 75 to 100 pounds.

  1. Bulldogs:

They are a popular breed known for their charming wrinkles and lovable disposition. They are courageous, friendly and most often have a playful nature. They are perfect for companionship. They are devoted, sweet and aim to please, making it much more comfortable to train them.

Both their males and females have a height of about 12 to 15 inches tall while their males weigh about 50 pounds or more and their females weigh around 35 pounds or more.

  1. Beagle:

These breeds of dog are energetic, smart and affectionate. They are generally happy and companionable, thus making them excellent family dogs. They are intelligent pack dogs that love the company of people and other dogs. They are most excited when they have company. A beagle left alone for too long may become restless and destructive. 

Because of their sniffing ability, they are perfect trackers and will often run off and track if he perceives a compelling scent. Their height is about 13-16 inches tall and weigh around 20-35 pounds.

  1. Labrador Retriever:

Labs, as they are popularly called, are friendly and intelligent breeds. They are outgoing, easy-going and eager to please yet very energetic. Labs love to swim and retrieve, and they are used as service dogs, search & rescue dogs, drug and bomb detection dogs.

Their males have a height of about 22 to 25 inches with their females have a height of 21 to 23 inches. Also, their males weigh about 65 to 80 lbs, and their females weigh about 56 to 75 lbs.

In conclusion, there are several other dog breeds, but these ranks among the most popular in the United States. So based on their different traits, you can decide on the one to go for depending on the reasons why you want a dog.