6 Ideas for Creating Stunning Wall Murals in Your Home


No room is complete without some form of wall art. These days a well painted mural is favored over painting and wallpaper, because it seems more modern and unique. Wall murals in your home can make or break the room and it’s important to either get a professional or take your time when getting a wall mural. Wall murals for home use can look great, but if they aren’t done right they can make the room look sloppy. Here are a few ideas that could inspire your home’s next beautiful mural.


  • Abstract Painting


Not artistic? Don’t worry, you can still DIY a wall mural. Abstract art is very trendy making this wall mural a sure hit. Simply dip a sponge in paint and swirl it on your wall in a pattern. The result will be something that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, only simpler.

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  • Pastel Landscape


This mural is simplicity at its finest. The only skill you’ll need to master this one is knowing how to get an ombre effect. Starting from the top of the wall, paint blue lightly. This will represent the sky. As you go down, gradually shift to a pastel green. This will represent grass. And that’s all there is to it. Adding a pastel pink above the blue can also look very pretty as a ‘sunset’.


  • Photo Wall Mural


No paint, no fuss. All you need for this one is double sided tape. A cute idea for this is to put the photos on the wall in the shape of a heart. Alternatively, you could spell a word using the pictures. It’s a creative way to display family photos that will leave your guests impressed. Looking for something different? Take a string of yarn and fasten both ends on the wall. Use clothing pegs to hang photos on the string. This looks great in a teen bedroom.


  • Projector Mural


This one is more of a method. Take any picture you like, for example a movie still, then edit it on your computer until it is completely black and white and flat. It should have very little detail and rely mostly on shadow and light. Project this picture onto the wall and then trace around the areas that need to be filled in with black. Switch the projector off, paint the areas and voila! A custom mural made with ease.


  • Corkboard Wall Mural


Using the projector method named above, trace the areas where your shadows should be. Instead of painting these areas black, cut out pieces of cork and fill them in with that. Now you have a fun and quirky corkboard mural! Both functional and stylish, this one is a winner in your home office above a desk.


  • Golden Moon


This wall mural can be made using the projector method or with a stencil. Outline the shadows of your moon and then fill it in with glittery paint. Add stars on the rest of your wall in the same golden paint for a pretty galaxy themed room.