7 Amazing Ways to Transform Your Landscaping


Our gardens and landscaped yards can become our own little slice of paradise. When we have a beautiful landscape, all we want to do is spend time in it, but it is easy to let your garden get overgrown and fall out of style. Don’t worry though; outlined below are 7 amazing ways to transform your landscaping and be one of the most impressive yards in your community! You’ll be living life to your fullest in no time with these design and landscaping ideas.


Change Up Your Decking

Decking is amazing when it is brand new but not when it’s weather beaten. If you have old decking in your garden, maybe it is time to pull it out and start again. Change it up to a pretty patio with surrounding hardscape design! They are longer lasting and far more versatile in terms of design; you can use different types of stone to add color and texture to your garden. You can make patterns and you can also have it whatever shape you want! Patios also wear far better than decking and don’t become slippery if you have neglected to clean them. All in all it is a super easy swap that will not only make your life far easier; it’ll also add new depth to your landscaping. 

Potted Plants 

Potted plants are currently at the height of fashion. Be it herbs, spices, flowers or vegetables, having it in a pot is a trend that started in 2019 and is set to carry on into 2020. The wonderful thing about pots is that they don’t have to match, in fact the more eclectic the better! You can purchase an array of pots to suit a variety of tastes. If you want to add flavor and bright colors to your garden, you can buy brightly colored acrylic pots. Or if you fancy more natural tones, terracotta and clay pots are a fantastic addition.  Once you have chosen your pots, get to planting any of the variety beautiful plants or edible vegetables!

Choose Native

There is something wonderful about planting native to your location. You can certainly still add exotic plants and different species, but if you plant native, not only is it an interesting conversation point, but it also helps the ecology of your garden. Native plants are often far more hardy than their exotic counter parts, so not only will your garden be beautifully landscaped, but it’ll also protect your investment and stay that way throughout the changing seasons – as you have selected plants that can survive in the conditions that you live in. 


If you like spending evenings in your garden, then lighting is an absolute must. Not only is it a safety aspect, it can also add ambiance to your garden. Go for statement lighting, it’ll add some real decadence to your garden, especially in the seating areas. Netted LED lights are an amazing way of making you feel like you are sitting in star light and add real depth to your area. You can also highlight the path back to the house with lights; solar powered ones are an excellent way of accomplishing this with low-power-cost, and ensuring that you and your guests don’t trip over any hazards when making your way to the bathroom or property. 

Raised Beds

Adding different levels to your garden can make it look far bigger than it is and can also add layers and texture. If you are considering adding different height raised beds, railway sleepers are an amazing choice. Not only are they fantastic to look at, but they are exceptionally strong, heavy-duty, and treated. Raised beds are also practical if you want to plant out your garden but don’t want to get on your hands and knees to do so. These beds give you the opportunity to sit down to be able to plant, but produce great plant growth without sacrifice. 

Water Features

Not only are water features, decorations, or ponds amazing for enticing wildlife into your garden, they also look beautiful when designed correctly. If you opt for a water feature, why not make it practical too? Allow it to irrigate your boarders and beds. A well designed water addition feature can make a yard. When considering one that fits your space and taste, choose one that matches your property look whether minimalistic or rustic, there is a water feature to suit every mood and landscape.

Walkways and Paths

If you want to lead people safely and comfortably around your yard so they have the ability to look at your newly landscaped areas, a path is the ideal way to do this. Likewise, if you have areas of high traffic, a walkway is an ideal solution to prevent wear and tear on your grass and preserve its beauty and health. You can make walkways and paths suit your garden by using gravel, pebbles, or even the left-over patio slabs. There is no limit to what you can use to create a path and cohesively tie your landscaped areas together. 

Design and landscape ideas don’t have to be difficult or break the bank; even some of the simplest ideas can be the most effective in reshaping your space and making it so you want to spend time out in your garden. Our 7 landscaping ideas will transform your space with some or no effort at all! Pots are a very effective way at adding color to your garden along with different textures and a patio can really change the textures of your garden and give you a low maintenance area that you can set up for seating and clean down with limited effort. Follow our 7 amazing ways to transform your landscaping so you are never disappointed with your garden again.