7 Benefits Of Dental Implants


If you have been thinking about getting dental implants, you should know they offer many benefits that could make this one of your best decisions.

After reading how dental implants can improve your dental health, you may wish to schedule an appointment immediately.

Dental Implant Overview

A dental implant is a synthetic replacement for your natural tooth that looks just like the real thing. A “root” made of titanium fits into the bone and supports the artificial tooth.

The implant looks and feels like your natural tooth and may last decades if you care for it. Dental implant surgery has become the most common replacement for teeth because of how far the procedure has advanced in recent decades.

If you are thinking about dental implant benefits, consider the following advantages.

Avoid Bone Loss

An investment in dental implants in Overland Park, KS or other in other parts of the country is a good use of money, because when teeth go away, you also lose bone in your jaw. The jawbone requires the stimulation it receives when teeth are rooted in it. This is how it maintains mass over the years.

A dental implant is a great way to replace a natural tooth and preserve jaw bone stimulation. With dentures, the bone can lose volume more swiftly because the dentures may become loose and rub on the ridge.

In contrast, an implant replaces the root of the tooth as well, which gives the jawbone the stimulation it requires to maintain its density.

Can Last For Life

Most dental bridges are made to last only about 10 years, but an implant can endure as long as you do. 

The implant is made of highly durable titanium that integrates with your jawbone. It also is non-toxic and will not be rejected by the body.

More Convenient

Dentures have benefits of course, but you have to remove them every day. When you have dental implants you don’t ever need to take anything out. 

Also, you also don’t have to mess with the adhesives that keep your dentures intact.

Stabilizes Adjacent Teeth

The gap created by a missing tooth can encourage the neighboring teeth to shift their position. This can pull other teeth out of alignment and affect your bite. Furthermore, the subsequent interference can make it more challenging to replace other teeth in later years. 

Easier To Eat

If you opt for dentures to replace lost teeth, you could face issues with sliding and movement. But dental implants are just like natural teeth that let you eat all foods without pain or discomfort.

Avoids Changes In The Shape Of The Face

Many aren’t aware of this, but our teeth reinforce the structure of the face. When teeth are lost, that support goes away, which will alter facial structure over time and make you look older.

Dental implants prevent this problem because they provide structure to the face the same way your natural teeth did.

Enhanced Oral Health 

A dental implant doesn’t require any alterations to other teeth the way a bridge does. Teeth nearby are not changed to support your dental implant, so more teeth remain as they were.

This will improve your oral health over the years. Another plus is that a dental implant lets you have better access to the spaces between the teeth, which will enhance your oral hygiene, too. 

Who Can Have Dental Implants? 

Most people who can undergo a regular tooth extraction or oral Bayswater dental surgery might be candidates for dental implants. 

You should have gums that are in good health and sufficient bone to support the implant. You also have to be ready to maintain excellent oral hygiene and twice-per-year dental visits.

If you smoke or have heart disease or diabetes that is uncontrolled, you may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants. 

Consider the many benefits of dental implants and talk to your dentist about them.