7 types of cabinets for your kitchen


There are tons of variations of cabinets for your kitchen and for everyone’s taste – from open cabinets to closed, and from traditional to modern. You just need to pick the right one for you and you will have the kitchen the kitchen you always dreamed about. In the list down below, we give you a few suggestions that will amaze you.

Traditional cabinets

Traditional cabinets have more detail. For instance, a traditional design can be a cabinet with raised beadboard doors. They come in many variations of colors but typically are clean white, cream, red tans, and wood hues. Traditional cabinets are classic and chosen by many homeowners.

Rustic cabinets

The rustic style represents the country and mountain lifestyle. Most of the rustic kitchens have huge cabinets made of imprerfect wood, painted with warm colors. The wood looks rugged and authentic to the look and touch. The large cabinets are usually combined with rubbed brass and wrought iron hardware. If you want a feel of the countryside or a beautiful mountain look of the house or kitchen, this is the right choice for you.


They are usually meant for mixed and matched with solid cabinets doors, and they are used for upper cabinets. The glass door style and the right cabinet knobs give a fancy style to showcase your glassware, books, and ornaments. They became very popular over the years. Not to mention, they can give a modern or classic look to the kitchen.

Open shelfs

This type of cabinet style isn’t actually a regular kitchen cabinet! However, it is very unique and practical, as the open shelving gives you more storage and it is great for small kitchens. Maintaining the order and tidiness can be difficult but not unmanageable. The best place for these cabinets is above the cooking area and they are mostly used for utensils and spices.


Contemporary style cabinets have flat surfaces, minimal ornamentation, and hardware. Because of that, they give a very simple, clean, and tidy look. This type of cabinets is an amazing choice for small kitchens and also they are not molded pieces. That means, the cabinets can be taller and provide more space in places that are lacking horizontal storage space. The materials that are used for these cabinets are mostly man-made and are usually from metal, glass, concrete, plastic, and manufactured wood.

Flat-panel cabinet

Flat paneled cabinet or so-called slab cabinets can be combined with the contemporary style, but they have a very modern style. They are famous for having low maintenance and simple design. Therefore, this style is a very low budget since they have less material, and they are very easy to clean because they have no nooks, corners, or crannies and that means less dust and chores.

Shaker cabinets


Shaker cabinets have a simple, clean and functional design. These cabinets are constructed with flat paneled doors with rail frames and natural wood. They usually come in neutral paint hues such as white or gray. This kitchen design is very popular today, because they have a classic and casual look and they blend well with the kitchen applications. Also, this style can be combined with many other kitchen styles.