8 Items You Should Always Keep at Your Desk


If you work at a desk, you have the usual computer hardware and office supplies. What else could help you have a better day? Explore the products that professionals should always have with them. Keep these items nearby, and you’ll have a more relaxing and productive time at the office.  

  1. Reading Glasses

Many working professionals wear progressive lenses or a pair of reading glasses. If this sounds like you, make sure you always have a pair nearby. There are many lightweight and affordable styles so that you can keep a pair just for work. Leave your other readers at home and choose a pair of reading glasses for men or women in a classic color. Chic styles for the office include cat eye glasses and oversized square frames. Accessorize your look with a beaded or acrylic chain in a fun color. A hard case will keep your eyewear safe in your desk drawer. 

  1. Reusable Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated at work will help to keep you alert and energized. Since you sit at a desk, you’ll drink more water throughout the day if you have your own bottle. A larger bottle will keep you from revisiting the break room too often. Try a stainless steel vessel to keep liquids cool, even if you sip on the same water for a while. Various styles are available, so you can find a print or color that matches your outfits or desk décor. Discover bottles with convenient features like wide mouth openings and easy-to-carry handles. Take your reusable bottle with you when you take a break or go to lunch, and you’ll keep up with your hydration goals without even trying. 

  1. Notepad

Even if you have a computer or laptop with a keyboard, a notepad is helpful for jotting down your thoughts. You’ll never forget a vital to-do, and you’ll help yourself work through challenges. Take notes during an online meeting or a conference call. Notepads are also helpful for brainstorming new ideas or doodling as you think through projects. You won’t have to take up valuable space because there are shapes and sizes to fit every desk. A long rectangular pad will easily fit above or below your keyboard, while a small square design is perfect for keeping to the side of your computer mouse. Grab a stack of colorful sticky notes to write down important tasks, and then place them on the edge of your monitor or monitor stand to help you take the next step. 

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Everyone can do their part to keep the office clean and hygienic! Workers with hand sanitizer at their desks help prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. A travel-size bottle is easy to store in your drawer, but you can even keep a full-size bottle near your computer. There are products for everyone, from simple formulas with no scent to colorful bottles filled with fruity and dessert-like smells. The best sanitizer for you is the one that you like to use, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different types. Some products simply clean your hands, while others will relax you or feel like aromatherapy. Use it throughout the day when you need a boost of cleanliness. It’ll also be waiting for you before lunch or as an extra line of defense after you wash your hands in the restroom. 

  1. Snacks

It can be hard to focus once hunger strikes. You’ll prevent a rumbling stomach when you keep a couple of healthy snacks at your desk. Protein-rich foods like dried chickpeas or trail mixes are easy to store and eat with one hand. Or keep yourself satisfied until lunch when you snack on a granola bar or pretzels with nut butter. Add more vegetables to your day with celery or cucumber sticks. Grape and cherry tomatoes are easy to eat at your desk, as are carrot sticks and snow peas. If you’re a fan of fruit, bananas are one of the most portable snacks around. Power through the afternoon with an apple or a handful of dried fruit like mango or pineapple. 

  1. Tissues

Let’s face it — you never know when you’ll have to sneeze or blow your nose! Have your own box of tissues at your desk to avoid running to the restroom. You don’t have to choose a long rectangular box to cram in your drawer. Compact cube boxes are best for a desk or shelf. Tissues can be fun too! Buy a box adorned with a calming color or seasonal artwork. There are holiday styles and limited edition prints to make your office feel more festive. 

  1. Indoor Plant

Indoor plants are more than just beautiful decorations! Having an office plant at your desk can make you feel more inspired and productive. Choose an herb or flower that is easy to care for and which complements your space. Colorful choices include the rex begonia and African violet. Lucky bamboo adds a peaceful, Zen-like vibe to the room, while a small cactus or succulent plant adds a chic style with low maintenance. More favorites among professionals include English ivy and jade plants. 

  1. Beverage Warmer

Coffee may boost much-needed energy, but a cup of hot tea can help you relax while you work. Whatever your reason for enjoying a hot drink at your desk, you can keep your mug cozy with a beverage warmer. These handy accessories plug into an outlet or a USB port. There are so many style options that you can find one that fits at your desk and matches the color of your office or desk décor. 

Most warmers will raise the temperature of your mug within minutes, but top-of-the-line products begin heating in seconds flat. Explore well-rated products online to find the model that works for you. If you’re searching for an office gift, treat yourself to a Bluetooth-powered warmer or an insulated mug that heats itself. Once you make that first cup, you’ll never have to leave your desk to enjoy your delicious hot drink. 

Power Through Your Day with Must-Have Office Items 

Everyone wants to have the best day possible! Make your meetings and projects more enjoyable with these items that you should always keep with you. Your desk can be your personal oasis if you set it up for your joy and comfort. Try some of the products on this list and see how your day improves.