A guide for choosing the best room colors for your home


There is probably no worst or best color for any particular room in your home. Still, you can follow simple guidelines when choosing the right color for your room. Beside the purpose of the room, first, you need to evaluate the amount of lightning in the room, the size, and your personal preferences before choosing the right color for you. In the list down below we give you a guide for choosing a color for each room of your house.

Dining room colors

When choosing colors for the dining room, earth tones are the best choice, because, they are giving a feeling of warmth. For example, if you are applying color psychologically, red and orange are stimulating and can increase tension and appetite. On the other hand, blue tones suppress appetite and you will rarely come across a blue dining room.

Kitchen room colors

Popular colors for the kitchen usually include pastel tones such as peach, brown, and yellow. However, stronger colors such as red bricks can also look great in the kitchen. Especially when used to emphasize milder, more neutral colors. Green and blue are not considered as the best choices for the kitchen. These colors and their lighter shades can be especially repulsive.

Colors for your living room

Living room colors are easier to choose, you only need to consider the lightning and the size of the room. You can choose based on the atmosphere you want to achieve. For instance, if you pick lighter colors, your living room will look bigger. On the other hand, darker colors are sometimes more desirable especially when you want to get a cozy and warm look of the room.

If you use warm colors, whether is lighter colors such as beige, cream, or mild shades of yellow. It will give your living room a warm and attractive look. But if you choose to go with cooler colors like gray, it will give the room a more formal look. Extremely strong colors, such as bright red, are not recommended for the living room, because they are too stimulating. On the other hand, burgundy or chestnut color is giving a relaxing mood and fits perfectly in your living room.

Bathroom paints

When choosing colors for the bathroom, you need to consider the overall effect that you are trying to achieve. Bright colors and natural shades, such as light blue, azure, and light earthly tones, are always popular for the bathrooms. They can create a relaxing, spa atmosphere. It is best to avoid dark colors, especially if your bathroom is small since the dark colors will make it look even smaller.

Bedroom colors


For the bedroom, it is best to use relaxing colors. For example, shades of green, blue, and light earth tones. It is best to avoid bright and intense colors. For instance red, yellow, and other intense shades, especially in larger bedrooms. On the other hand, peach, pink, and chestnut can create a romantic look.