A Homeowner’s Checklist For Pre-Winter Plumbing Preparations


Winter isn’t the easiest time for homeowners as maintenance issues are more likely to surface during the snowy months. You may experience serious plumbing problems as low temperatures along with freezing water put stress on your pipes. It makes sense to be prepared in advance so that you can address the issues even before they happen. Fortunately, some proactive maintenance measures can go a long way in preventing the problems and even make it easier to resolve them if they happen. Here is a homeowner’s checklist for pre-winter plumbing preparations.


Freeze-protection for your plumbing pipes 

As the outdoor temperatures plummet, water inside the pipes can easily freeze, sometimes causing them to burst. The results can be catastrophic, such as flooding and damage to your expensive furniture, rugs, and even the home’s structure. Wrap the un-insulated pipes in a layer of foam curbs the possibility of freezing and cracking to a considerable extent. While you can handle the project with DIY, it is always better to let professionals handle such important tasks.

Check your water heater

Although you must check your water heater on a regular basis, it becomes all the more important before the onset of cold weather to prevent last-minute hassles. If you live in an area with hard water issues, there is a possibility of sediment building up in your tank. Over time, it can cause rust to develop inside and compromise the water quality and performance of the heater. Right now, it is important to drain the heater and check it thoroughly. If the appliance is too old or rusted, replace it well in time. 

Fix home plumbing leaks now

Another worthy piece of advice for homeowners looking to make their living space winter-ready is to get leaks repaired right away. Experts at Geelong Plumbers recommend a complete plumbing maintenance check for home before the season begins. Check the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms and pay attention to drips and puddles. If you have a problem anywhere, get it resolved sooner rather than later. You wouldn’t want a wet mess in your home when it is already freezing outside.

Close and drain shut-off valves that lead outdoors

Have a good look at all the interior shut-off valves which lead to outdoor faucets. Close them properly and also drain the water from outside lines. If you fail to do so, the water in the lines may end up freezing and causing major damage to your living space. This isn’t a lot of work but can save you from big trouble later. 

Clean the sump pump pit

An inspection of the sump pump and pit is another action warranted before the harsh weather hits. The pump can freeze on exposure to extreme cold and it may even stop working if there’s already an existing issue. If this happens, you can expect a big problem. Water can enter your basement and even result in flooding and damage. A professional pre-winter check-up for the sump pit can prevent the issue.

As a smart homeowner, you need to be one step ahead with plumbing maintenance, specifically during the winters. A proactive approach can keep the place warm and cheerful and also avoid costly disasters in the long run.