A Look At Some Of The Best Home Designs


If you’ve always wanted the home of your dreams, the reality of doing so can take a lot of time, effort, and money to achieve. However, you can achieve the aesthetic design you’re looking for in the home you currently reside in, no matter how big or small. Some of the best home designs aren’t necessarily in luxury homes, it’s all about making the most of the space you have available. Here are some of the best home designs you can re-create for your own home without breaking the bank.


Colour Matched Appliances

Many households have a number of ‘white goods’ such as fridges, radiators, washing machines, dishwashers and more that are very plain looking and do not match the rest of the room aesthetic. Some of the best designs you’ll see for kitchens, bathrooms and lounge areas incorporate thought around the look of the appliances used within them. When looking at improving these rooms, consider whether it’s time to upgrade the appliances for something more stylish and fitting of the aesthetic. You’ll find plenty of options such as designer fridge drawers, hidden washing machine units and modern radiators online that will enhance the look of appliances effortlessly. 

Use Natural Light

It’s no surprise to see many great home designs also include a lot of natural light flowing through them. By having plenty of light entering your home, it instantly lifts the aesthetic and enhances the mood of those living there. A great way to help your health and wellbeing, this also works alongside plenty of fresh air entering the home through large open windows or bay doors that blur the outdoor space with indoors. The direction of windows is important for those and may not be something you can easily change in your existing home, but if you have south-facing windows, they will benefit from more natural light. To complement the amount of light in the room, you should carefully consider the choice of paint or wallpaper, as darker tones will absorb rather than reflect the light around the room. 

Follow the Golden Ratio

The best home designs are not conceived by accident, instead, they are the result of careful planning and the following of the natural world. The golden ratio is one such phenomenon that appears throughout nature that also is very much a staple of interior design. It refers to creating harmonious design schemes that work together, creating a natural balance that looks great on the eye. Put simply, by dividing a room into thirds you can recreate this golden ratio throughout your home. Look to divide two-thirds for the main function of the room, and the final third for and additional aspect. If applying to a living room, two-thirds should incorporate the seating and coffee table, with the remaining for shelving or a bookcase, for example. Keeping a balance and not overcrowding can also help with maximising the floorplan, creating plenty of space for movement and the function of the room.

Many of the best home designs feature several different ideas, with the above in general helping to elevate your home close to your idealised vision. See what works for your home and enjoy the outcome.