Adorable DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Melt Your Hearts


There’s still time till Christmas but you should have these ideas in mind if you don’t want to be caught clueless in the last minute. The favorite time of the year of many poeple is coming real soon, and everything’s going to be decorated with some pretty astonishing festive decorations that will make every possible place magical. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Adorable DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Melt Your Hearts. You can make them on your own, and what’s most important you don’t need any special skills to do them. Check them out and see which decoration will fit best into your interior.

Make a cone out of paper and use green thread to make a mini Christmas tree. Glue will help you to keep the thread at place when you remove the cone. Add beads to decorate it and make it shine!

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Did you know that you can use bottle caps to make a snowman ornament for your real Christmas tree?

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You can also use the doiles to make some outstanding decorations. Add red ribbon to it and attach them anywhere in the house.

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Rudolph, the red noised reindeer should be the next on your DIY list. You’ll need a few corks to make it. I really love it, what about you?

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Everyone loves to wear wool during the cold winter days, so why don’t you use it as decoration? Get some balls and wrap them with wool thread to make this cool wreath.

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Any branch can be used to decorate your home in a festive way if you just cover it with glitter. Hang some Christmas balls on it and put it in a glass vase. As simple as that!

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You can also use the Christmas balls, that you are not going to put on the Christmas tree this year because you got new ones, to make a lovely wreath.


What do you think about making this wreath by using cupcake baking cups? It’s a cheap design if you are living on a budget lately.

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Add pom pom balls to the pinecones and hang them on the windows. The look from outside will be spectacular.

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Turn your salt holder into some magical Christmas decorative items by inserting trees and reindeers in them.

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What do you say about repurposing your old and useless bulbs as ornaments?

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Color the bottles white and use them as Christmas vases.

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If you love candles, we have a great idea for you. Fill any glass cntainer with water, and the red Christmas berries inside and let the candles flow. They will make the ambiance in your home even more festive and magical.

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Here’s another idea to decorate your candle holders for the upcoming holidays. Which is the idea that you like the most?

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