Australia Turns On The Heat With Their Handmade Jewellery Boxes From Sustainably Sourced Woods


If there is anything that is booming in the wood work industry in Australia right now is, the handmade jewellery boxes. Yes! That could sound not enticing enough, but did you know the boxes are handmade from sourced woods? Now you know! Very interesting times we are living in. This is a very interesting topic we shall deeply look at in this article by finding out why the jewellery boxes from Australia have turned on the heat and how they hand make them! Interesting, right?

First, let’s find out how they are handmade.


They can be constructed using two types;

  • Solid burl
  • Veneering with the edge of a solid red gum

The woods come in veneers since they are hard to find. A sculptor can both select a brass inlay or a brass and ebonize inlay that subsume on the veneered burl.


Both the big boxes and the small ones are lined with a black double velvet in the inside base. The small ones are lined with black felt.


The boxes get that unique appearance and a clean look from the attachment of the lids using secret pins.


There are boxes especially the big ones with removable trays. The boxes also have compartments at the bottom. The tray can be divided into two. One part can have ring slots while the other can be open to put in small pieces of jewellery. Both parts of the tray are lined using black double velvet.

Dome Boxes

These boxes are of different sizes. The sizes are determined by the design in which the burl is cut. Every box has its own uniqueness. A dome lid is designed by cutting the burl on a huge band saw. It is then sanded by specific sanders.


The boxes are finished using a lacquer that is environmental friendly.

Reason Why Buying the Handmade Jewellery Box is Necessary!

1. It’s Good for Everyone

Majority of the woodworkers in Australia consider sustainability when making their business decisions. Therefore, the fact that wood can be sourced sustainability and give the people of Australia a livelihood, and the consumers with products that are eco-friendly is a great advantage for Australia.

2. Sourcing Timber

The timber used in making the boxes is sourced from forestry practices that are sustainable. After a tree is cut, it is then replaced with another one. Sustainability does not only focus on the quantity of trees, but also making sure that the biodiversity is not destroyed or any harm cause to other living things including plants and animals.

3. Buying a Box Will Actually Help the Environment!

That is true! When you buy a box or any other woodwork, you are storing carbon. The trees that are grown need the carbon dioxide and they lock it up until the time of burning or wood decay. Approximately 60% of the weight of wood that is dried is carbon. These boxes last for long, even a lifetime therefore, when you buy an Australian Jewellery Box that lasts a lifetime and keep it, you are helping the environment!

At the end of the day, it is no surprise that, the heat has been turned on by the handmade jewellery boxes from Australia. Using wood to make the boxes is better than using it for other things such as building, flooring or making electricity poles and making paper. Let’s be honest! When you buy the boxes from sourced wood and keep them, you are actually doing the environment better, than harm!