Car Interior Repair: 4 Helpful Tips for Restoring Your Car’s Interior


One of the most important things to a man may just be his car. The ride that he so adores and simply loves to spend time taking care of it. The car is a top priority and maintaining its looks and performance happened as a hobby for a lot of people. When thinking of a car you may imagine its exterior designs, which has its own procedure of maintaining and cleaning to keep it looking bad boy but the more important is its interior, which over time collects dirt or is subjected to wear and tear. This is the default view and feels of someone who may be driving the car or simply enjoying a ride as a passenger and we will be outlining four helpful tips and tricks to restore your car’s interior beyond its former glory from cleaning out the seats to choosing the best car covers for your precious ride. So let’s continue.


Watch where you rest those feet!

Our first focus when it comes to tending car’s interior is to make sure the floor mats are cleaned. For this, you’re going to have to take them all out and wash them thoroughly. For instance, if they are rubber based floormats, you could wash them out with an all-purpose cleaner and if they’re rugs, then it’s best to use a professional upholstery cleaner without the use of water. The other, as well as the better option, is to have them swapped out entirely due to newer ones giving your car the fresh new look if your old ones are damaged. While the mats are out being treated, it is best to properly vacuum the floor of your car for effective cleaning. This is where all the garbage accumulates and usually needs to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis.

Do you realize what you’re sitting on?

The next tip we recommend is to do a thorough cleanup of the seats in your personal vehicle, using a special tool like this dremel versal cleaning tool. Usually, the most undermined part of the process, the seats accumulate dust and a bit of debris between all the nooks and crannies mixed with leather or plastic covers. They need to be taken off while the leather seats should be treated by an expert with a brush after having it’s “hard to reach” places properly vacuumed. For the best results, it is advised you also use a liquid-based leather spray to protect the leather from further damage and give it the fresh look. Meanwhile, car covers aren’t usually big on the focus, it is still something that can maximize your comfort, so it is best that you pick out the best covers to add a sense of majesty to the interior of your car. Once all that is taken care of you could proceed further.

Are those soda stains on the dashboard really distracting?

The dashboard controls and dials really bring out the aesthetics of the interior, only if they are properly looked after. The usual first thing you notice is the controls and if they don’t look their best it could be a problem. Let’s say the cover of the steering wheel is ripping off, or the air conditioning vents are full of dust. The attention to detail is the key and you’d really have to put your back into it when you clean that spot. You could wipe all the controls clean with a clean rag and a few sprays of a cleaner. The best results will present it self when you use the combination of a brush and vacuum to reach tough spots inside your car.

Remove those handprints off the windscreen now.

The glass on the windows and windscreen need proper attention since passengers are more likely to leave their handprints all over. The best advice for this is to use a professional glass cleaner spray with an isopropyl alcohol mix to get rid of oil and extra dirt that may have accumulated. After having it wiped properly, you’ll get that fresh new look. The last step on this is an extra for that exceptional shine which you could get using a quick spray wax and wipe using a microfiber towel. 


These are the most recommended tips to bring the interior back to its former glory and once it’s done, you may proceed to install new accessories to better amp up the look by getting yourself the best seat covers and steering covers if you feel comfy with and you have yourself a fully restored interior.