Christian Louboutin Shoes Collection Autumn/Winter 2013


The shoes are important part of woman feminism, exactly of woman look and woman famine feel. For woman, it is important to look gorgeous and feel comfortable and attractive in a shoes. So, it is important  the shoes to be comfortable and beautiful in the same time. Christian Louboutin think the same. He is known french shoe designer. He started his career in 1991 and today his name is a famous shoe brand. He got the idea to start to make shoes one night when he was visiting some museum in Paris, where entered an African woman with stilettos. Interesting for Louboutin was that she went with fear of damage the wood flooring. Than he realized  that he want to create a shoes for woman to feel comfortable and confident. Today his shoes designs are based in that his realization and I believe you already know his shoes collections. Continuing, I will present you Christian Louboutin Shoes Collection Autumn/Winter 2013.

Characteristic for Louboutin shoes is they are with high heels. He prefer the high heels and think that the woman would wear high heel shoes. Today he sales over 700,000 pairs a year. And you left only to see his new collection, which follow below. Choose your favorite pair of shoes and you can buy them online here. Enjoy!!