The Complete Guide to Home House Water Filtration


Many people are looking for tastier and healthy drinking water. This is what started the trend of drinking bottled water. But there are many ways that you can filter the water in your own home to give you the taste and healthy benefits. If you are thinking of getting a water filter for your home, whether you need something to help you soften your water or you just want a simple filter to help your water taste better, there are many choices to choose from.

Whole-House Filters

These filters are found almost everywhere and they are very simple to install.  You place them in your main line that enters your home and they’re designed to remove the rust particles and sentiment from the water that’s coming into your house. They also help the other water filters that are in your home since they act like a pre-filter.

Under-sink Filters

There are different kinds of under-sink filters on the market and you should choose one that’s based on the individual needs of your home and family. Some filters remove odors and bad tastes only. Others may also remove bacteria, sediment, lead, or even all four. These kinds of units have more than one cartridge, each of them designed to filter a certain contaminant.

These filters are convenient since once you install one (here’s a handy video detailing the process), you don’t know they’re there. Simply turn on your water and from your faucet comes filtered water. These filters are also efficient since they let you just filter the water that goes to a certain faucet. This reduces the strain on your filter cartridges. For example, you won’t need to filter the water that goes into your tub to remove the chlorine taste, but you’ll want to get rid of it from the water you drink.  These filters also are helpful if your home’s plumbing’s joined using lead solder. By being right before your faucet, these filters give you the maximum amount of filtration protection.

Faucet-Mounted Filters

The filters you mount on the faucet directly connect to your faucet and do not require any plumbing connections. Some of the models are made to just remove bad odors and tastes, while the more sophisticated units are now able to filter out cysts and lead. These kinds of filters are little and they have simple installation and removal. In addition, they filter water when it’s used. The only downside to these filters is that they are visible.

Canisters or Countertop Filters

These filters are the easiest ones available. They’re appliances for the countertop, much like a toaster, and they can filter your drinking water to remove different contaminants. Unlike the filters that are put beneath the sink, they are highly visible.  Some of them have to stay on your counter, some get connected to a spigot, and others require that you pour your water through them, a lot like a coffee maker. An easier option would be to simply install a filter, such as the Ukf8001 water filter, in your refrigerator. Naturally this will only work on refrigerators that have a water/ice dispensing feature.

Salt Free Filters

A lot of water softeners and filtration systems clean your water by adding chemicals and ions that help neutralize the more harmful substances that you are trying to avoid. This is fine most of the time but if you have sensitive skin or a sodium sensitivity it can be quite harmful. Salt free water filtration systems help soften water but without using salt or sodium deposits to do it.

When you are choosing the right filter for your home, it is important to think about you and your family’s needs.  This will help you with choosing the right one for your home and your family’s needs.  And, don’t forget, saving water is just as important as filtering it!