Corporate Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Office Secret Santa


Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Christmas to arrive! After the year we’ve had so far, knowing 2020 was and still is marked by the global Covid-19 pandemic, such a holiday is like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as it’s about happiness, love, caring and sharing.

As it’s already December, it’s high time we started planning and buying the right Christmas gift to surprise a co-worker for Secret Santa. Regardless of whether or not working from the actual office or from home, the tradition should be kept alive even if that means mailing the gifts!

As fun as the event may be, for some of us it can be somewhat overwhelming when choosing the perfect corporate Christmas gift for a specific person. What we’re trying with this blog post is help you out on your gift mission by giving you the ideas you need to get inspired and buy the special presents that recipients won’t want to regift or hide in the back of the closet!

Edible Goods

These are what we consider the “safe bet” because they’re perfect both for people you don’t know all too well, and those you know well but can’t be bothered to plan a present for long. Who wouldn’t love to receive tasty corporate Christmas gifts now that there are options even the fussy and picky eaters can’t resist?

Besides the classic chocs and bubbly, you have vegan treats for the vegan colleagues, gluten-free delicacies, as well as hampers you can fill with healthy snacks/ You can also try something different like provide them with the chance to try out various cheeses, coffee, tea, or various types of gin and its benefits. Festive cider and national wines are options too. Want to keep it in the Christmas mood? Then get a choc and sweets arrangement in the form of a Christmas tree!

Green Thumb Goods

Let’s face it, even if a person isn’t that great with plants, receiving flower pot gifts is sure to make them feel appreciated. It sends the message that your friendship and collaboration can grow as they tend to the plant, and besides it being a great decorative element for the interior, it can serve as an air cleaner too, especially in the case with succulents. 

If you feel like something’s missing with such a corporate Christmas gift, throw in a fancy pot, add some well-chosen chocolates, and you’ve got the perfect surprise. In case you are dealing with a serial plant killer, and even such a low-maintenance plant isn’t an option, then you can always count on a bouquet of flowers.

Relaxing Goods

As we’re all busy in the day to day life, we often forget the importance to take some time off during the busy schedule, even if it’s just five minutes, to just take care of ourselves, unwind and relax. Getting the co-worker a candle or essential oils they can use to get the benefits of aromatherapy would certainly remind them of the importance of pampering on a daily basis. Moreover, such gifts are also ideal as they’re small and suitable to be taken on trips as they’re compact and practical.

You can further make things interesting by getting a hamper full of pampering goods, from various body creams and lotions, to a whole collection from a famous organic brand like Kora Organics. Then, finish off the corporate Christmas gift by adding some chocolates or a drink.

Travel Goods

When looking for the perfect present for that colleague who loves to travel, there are many options you can choose from, preferably compact and functional items. Some ideas are device charging stations for their phones and tablets, a tiny speaker, a portable pouch for their knick-knacks when on the road, packing cubes, some sheet masks for refreshment, a travel mug, or a pair of organic bamboo socks for ultimate comfort.

Those who love to organise would appreciate a notepad especially for planning trips and packing up, along with a wallet where they can neatly store money, cards, and tickets. More on the cosy side, as a last resort, you can get them a hamper consisting of chocolates and a soft bathrobe for a unique corporate gift that reminds them of home even away from home.

Voucher Goods

As we’re all different, we have to remember not everyone is keen on receiving gifts wrapped up in boxes, especially when it’s the case with minimalists. Such individuals prefer experiences, be it visiting new places or learning new things, so they would certainly be happy to get tickets to a museum, tickets for events like concerts or sports games, or lessons sign for skiing, dancing, knitting or languages.

If they aren’t up for such a gift either, then you should consider donating to a charity in their name – this way you’d share the Christmas happiness with those who need it most and have the certainty your colleague would appreciate it!

DIY Goods

What better way to show them how much you care than by surprising them with something you made yourself? It’s the perfect time to give your creativity a go, turn your crafty mode on, and personalise the gifts. 

Those who know how to knit can find various patterns online to create comfy and colourful socks, scarves, gloves, or blankets, whereas those who are artsy can paint or craft some decorative items like paintings or sculptures. If you’re more of a singer, why not sing a song for them, or better yet – write one yourself and then record it!

In case you know the co-worker well, and you know what their goals are, you could show your support by giving them the gift that encourages them to continue with the goals. For instance, those who are on the path to eating healthy and gaining control over their weight could do with a healthy meal you prepared yourself, or a book of recipes you collected that inspire them to keep up with the weight-loss journey with a new meal every day. With gifts like these, you can be sure you’d have success this Secret Santa!