Decorating A Guest Bedroom: 7 Design Ideas To Steal From The Pros


The guest bedroom is a room used for hosting visitors – it’s essential to always feel comfortable and at home. There are many little touches you can add to make your guest bedroom the perfect place for any visitor (whether or not they’ve stayed in your home) to spend the night.

Look through these seven design ideas that the pros used to make your guest bedroom welcoming and relaxing.

Have an Attic Bedroom Converted for Guests

As you know, attics are all about maximizing space – they’re tiny storage rooms that can be used as an extra sleeping area during family visits or house guests. If you’re feeling crafty, you can turn your attic into a spare bedroom – a simple block off the stairs and create another door for access.

You may also want to consider having electric sockets installed if it doesn’t already have them (if there are no windows in the room, it’s essential to make sure your guests will charge their phones and laptop, etc.)

Choose Stylish Mattress and Bedding

If you are redesigning your guest room, one of the first things you will need to decide is how you plan to dress the bed. The suitable sheets have a way of making even an average mattress look terrific. There is something about luxury sheets that exudes class and comfort before you even lay down to sleep. To buy, check reviews of the best mattresses to buy online. While most think of the designer as upscale sheets, they can also be had on the cheap, with many high-street brands now offering some nice sheets and bedding sets.

If you are redecorating a guest room, one thing you want to do is make it appear more significant than it is. One easy way to do this is by using designer pillowcases for your home’s pillows. They can be found in many materials, ranging from silky to satiny, and many come in a range of colors. Best of all, you can find them at your local department store or online.

Add Plenty of Lighting

Lighting is essential in a guest bedroom or any other bedroom. You want to adjust the lighting when you put on makeup, when you do your hair and when you read in bed at night before falling asleep. For most, the ceiling fan with lights will suffice, but others may want to add a reading lamp on the nightstand as well. A dimmer switch can help control the lighting, and it will make the room more inviting when you have guests over.

Declutter your room space

Before you start to decorate, as soon as your guests walk in, they want to feel welcome and comfortable by their surroundings. So declutter the space before creating a space that works for you.

TIP #1 – Get Rid of Unessential Furniture

Don’t move large pieces of furniture around the room just because it doesn’t look good in the corner. Instead, think about getting rid of parts you don’t need or want anymore. You can also take out all pieces and start from scratch by clearing everything off the floor and surfaces.

TIP #2 – Choose Clean Lines

Go for clean lines that are simple but elegant. If you feel your current furniture is in good shape, but you don’t love the pieces, think about repainting them in a fresh white or cream color. But if they need to be replaced, find simple furniture that won’t detract from your design scheme.

TIP #3 – Create a Cozy Space

If you’re going for a cozy feel in your guest bedroom, consider adding a plush area rug that ties the room together. This type of design accent will give your guests something to walk on and feel comfortable in, but it also adds wrinkles and creases which mimic comfort.

Use mounted lamps to highlight favorite decor pieces

Mounted lamps are excellent additions to any room but can be especially useful in a guest bedroom. Use them to focus attention on your favorite decorative items or areas of the room. Try mounting lights above charming paintings, or use them along the headboard wall to cast light onto bookcases filled with books and pretty knickknacks.

Guest bedrooms should be comfortable spaces for your guests to retreat to after a long day, so make sure you’ve got some lamps dispersed throughout the room so they can spin a light if they need it. And, of course, use dimmers to brighten or soften as needed.

Mounted lights upon a wall are a great way to bring more light into the room. Having a fixture above any furniture or art allows you to highlight it with focused light, making it a focal point in your design scheme.

Use mounted lamps as decorative pieces, but note that they can also be powerful illumination sources for those who require them.

Use bold wallpapers and art pieces to decorate your guest bedroom.

Guest bedrooms are left out in styling and decoration, but you can change that if you use bold wallpapers and art pieces. Think about mixing up patterns, such as floral with stripes or dots. This will create a dynamic impression for your guest.

Be sure to keep the rest of the room neutral so that the patterns stand out. If you are decorating with bold wallpapers or art pieces, you will want to use light colors for linens and furniture. For instance, if you are using floral wallpaper in your guest bedroom, go with white linens and furniture.

Guest bedrooms are not all about rest; they are also places where guests will stay when they visit you. So the guest bedroom must cater to your visitors’ needs for comfort and style.

As far as art pieces go, think about using unique pieces. You do not want to go out and get the first thing you see; instead, spend some time looking around for work that will fit into your guest bedroom’s color theme and overall design.

Make a statement using a gigantic mirror on an accent wall.

You can make the room feel like it belongs to no one and everyone by using a mirror as your accent wall. It will make the room feel open and airy, which is very inviting. Just make sure you hang it in a spot where your guests can see themselves before leaving the room. 

Decorating a guest bedroom can be challenging. You want the design to be unique but not personal because you anticipate guests from all different walks of life. With the tips above from the pros, you can make your guest bedroom super cool.