Exquisite Collection of Black and White Striped Interior That Will Blow Your Mind


Hi my fabulous top dreamers! Some things never go out of style. Black and white interior ideas seem to fit in that category. Black and white home decor energize the interior and bring more liveliness in it. If you are thinking of remodeling your furniture, or redecorating your home, then you should definitely think of incorporating these super modern black and white striped beauties. Today, we picked for you an Exquisite Collection of Black and White Striped Interior That Will Blow Your Mind! 

Black and White Striped Interior

Black and White Striped Living Room

If you are seeking for a unique space transforming element for your living room, then you should consider incorporating black and white striped interior elements. They look so strikingly bold and stylish that you will never want to change them. In the following pictures you will see how you can use black and white stripes curtains, carpets, and even black and white striped ceiling! There is no limit in this bold style.

Image via www.ulinkly.com
Image via www.santiroyalhome.blogspot.com
Image via www.evolutionarycontracting.com
Image via www.arquidicas.com.br
Image via www.losapuntesdepaula.blogspot.com

Black and White Striped Dining Room 

Image via www.impressiveinteriordesign.com
Image via www.lacasaedovesitrovailcuore.blogspot.com
Image via www.luxocomum.com

Black and White Striped Bedroom 

Black and white stripes can perfectly fit in your bedroom. They will give your bedroom a modern and elegant look. Combine your black and white striped bedding set with some decorative black and white elements and you will be amazed by the results!

Image via www.natetnature.blogspot.com
Image via www.deco-fr.com

Black and White Kid’s Room 

Black and white striped carpet can add to the playful atmosphere of your kid’s room. Take a look at the following example and you will get the idea.

Image via www.domozoom.com

Black and White Striped Nursery Room 

Black and white blinds will add to the modern look of your nursery room. It will make it look stylish and lively.

Image via www.kapitan-agu.com.ua

Black and White Striped Home Office Ideas

Your home office can look extra modern, simple, and energized with black and white stripes. In regards to the thickness of the stripes, the thicker they are the more modern look you’ll get.

Image via www.boredfastfood.com
Image via www.theofficestylist.com
Image via www.digsdigs.com
Image via www.nonback.com
Image via www.domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.pl

Black and White Striped Bathroom

The following black and white striped bathrooms will leave you speechless with its uniqueness. They will give a modern look to your old bathroom and make it seem even bigger if you use horizontal stripes. You will see the difference.

Image via www.fashionroomblog.wordpress.com
Image via www.dizain-vannoj-komnaty.ru
Image via www.housesdesign.ru

Black and White Striped Decor Ideas 

If you are thinking of refashioning your old furniture then take a look at the following pictures and let them inspire you. The black and white striped furniture together with a golden touch will make the perfect combination that will fascinate you.

Image via www.onewhimsylane.com
Image via www.cutapaste.net

So, how did you find our exquisite black and white striped ideas for your home? Isn’t they lovely? Which one is your favorite? We want to hear from you. Feel free to share your comments with us and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter that you will easily find on our Top Dreamer website. Also, we made this collection to give you great ideas how to redecorate your dream home with something bold and chic. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer and find many other great home interior ideas.