Exquisite Suitcases: Exploring the World in Luxury


Whether you are traveling the world for adventure, new scenery, or to expand your perspective on diverse cultures, a suitcase can make a difference in how you approach your journey. From the airport to your destination, luggage holds your valuables and can partially determine the state of your trip. Your baggage should contain and secure all your belongings and have high quality. From Floyd to Louis Vuitton, your possessions need optimal protection from transporting your suitcase to different locations. Rimowa is a luxury brand that considers the security of your goods and chattels as its manufacturers hand-craft each suitcase and give them luxury.

The Line’s Class

Rimowa was founded by Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz in Cologne, Germany, in 1890. After a decade, Morszeck became the sole chair of the business. In 1931, Richard Morszeck, Paul’s son, became affiliated with the corporation and officially registered the name Rimowa as a trademark, where “Rimowa” means Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen. Warenzeichen means “trademark” in German.

Although Rimowa was notorious for producing wood suitcases, a factory fire in the 1930s consumed most of its resources, leaving aluminum behind. Now, the luxury enterprise crafts its luggage from aluminum and polycarbonate, which is its distinguishable attribute from other makes.

The Range of Products

Rimowa’s wheeled companions range from check-in and cabin suitcases to leather wallets, all of which are durable and delicate and feature a contemporary design.

Every Rimowa suitcase has TSA-approved locks, so authorities can quickly inspect your luggage without damaging your locks. Each case also has 360-degree spinning wheels with ball-bearing mounts and cushioned axles that allow you to glide across airport floors.

The suitcases fall into six different classes.

  • Essential
  • Essential Sleeve
  • Essential Lite
  • Hybrid
  • Original
  • Classic

Each Essential style illustrates a polycarbonate valise, but the variants have different qualities. The Essential Lite weighs 70% as much as the Essential, and the Essential Sleeve has a front sleeve as decor.

The Hybrid style combines aluminum and polycarbonate for optimal functionality, a lightweight experience, and a secure frame.

The Original and Classic fashions are Rimowa’s iconic aluminum resource scheme. While the two have an identical weight, size, and volume, the Classic is available in silver and black, and the Original is available in silver, black, quartz pink, and titanium.

Rimowa displays its craftwork in its wallet design. The company produces leather wallets with precise seams, clear topstitching, and a unique Rimowa monogram. You can carry them in your pocket or fit them into your bag.

A Feathery Escort

Rimowa is a prominent luggage manufacturer that delivers hand-made products for short-distance and long-distance travelers. These suitcases give character and luxury to their owners, allowing them to travel in style. The brand reflects its dedication to reliability, honor, and quality in its high prices and exemplifies craftsmanship. However, Rimowa emphasizes using your bags to their maximum potential with its lifetime guarantee – the aluminum will scratch, and that property gives your suitcases personality and a story to tell.