Eye-Catching Geometric Backsplash Designs For Your Kitchen


The kitchen backsplash has a functional advantage of protecting the wall from spills and cooking-related accidents and also nowadays it is more often used as an aesthetic addition to the kitchen. The kitchen backsplash will also become the instant focal point and will be the first thing you notice when you get into the room. Backsplashes can be found in versatile designs and colors and the choice will mainly depend on the owner’s tastes as well as on the kitchen design.

One type of backsplash design that can instantly draw the attention is the geometric backsplash. Such backsplash is common choice for modern and contemporary kitchens. It’s possible to combine two or more colors and as such can be found in so many different designs. If the neutral colors are dominant in the kitchen, the backsplash can feature a combo of two more vibrant colors. A combo of two colors is enough to make the backsplash stand out from the rest of the room decor, but also feel free to experiment with a bigger palette of colors. Here are several Eye-Catching Geometric Backsplash Designs that you may choose to incorporate into your kitchen.

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Although geometric backsplash designs are most often popping out from the rest of the room decor, in certain cases they can blend in when used with the same color palette or pattern. Also, in an open floor plan where the kitchen is connected with the living room, the colors of the backsplash should match with the ones used for the sofa.

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The lighting is also really important when picking a backsplash. Recessed lighting or hidden lighting fixtures are common choice for kitchens when there is some accent backsplash. The natural lighting should be considered too, especially if there is a glass backspalsh design. In such cases, if there is too much natural light available it can result with unnecessary glare. The backsplash should be like a natural extension of the kitchen itself, so make sure you pick the right design for your kitchen.

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Backsplashes can change the look of any kitchen. The geometric designs are just some of the many kitchen backsplashes to choose from. They can be in the same color scheme as the rest of the kitchen decor or can feature some contrasting and more vibrant color palette and thus pop out from the rest of the room decor.

Tell us in the comments which one from the above kitchen designs draw the most of your attention. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.