Finding the Ideal Conference Venue


Whether you are a start-up company, established corporate, or an event organizer, choosing the right conference venues is the beginning to a successful ending. Getting the ideal conference facility will outwardly depend on the type of conferencing you want to host. This could range from elaborate and highly secured diplomatic meetings, product launches, company rebranding, award ceremonies, and general meetings to end of the year parties. Obtaining the perfect location in London, Bristol, or other cities in the UK is impressively easy, convenient, and efficient on VenueFinder.


Some of the standard tips to follow when choosing a venue are highlighted below:


Accessibility is critical in every conferencing event. This acts as a cautionary measure towards budgetary allocations to logistical support for attendees. In instances where attendees are arriving by air, the proximity of the location to the airport should be favourable. Depending on the number of days the event will run, the facility should be located close to hotels providing overnight stays or better still have the event in a venue with both accommodation and conferencing facilities. Occasions are time bound and therefore, closing on a picturesque location is tied to awe your audience.

The location’s surrounding infrastructure should also be a determinant. Power connections, back-up and ample supply of water form great reference points. The venue should also be in close vicinity of emergency service providers such as firefighters, security agents, and hospitals.


The size of the facility is also another vital consideration. In your event layout, always include the number of attendees. Most of the time, the number of actual attendees surpasses the number of expected attendees. It’s crucial, therefore, to set aside extra seating. However, when the venue owners request for a percentage deposit of the initial payment, it’s essential to have direct feedback from attendees on whether they have accepted the invitation. Most hotels have a selection of conference rooms, and their prices vary as per their sizes so one should select that which suit their requirement. For example, a venue hire Bristol covers a selection of facilities with conference rooms that can fit a specific number.

Availability of extra services

Carrying your own audiovisual equipment may reduce hiring cost but increase the logistical costs. Finding venues that provide additional services in-house may be relatively cheaper and may offer free technical support. In a more professional meeting where video conferencing is part of the itinerary, it’s advisable to opt for venues with high internet speed and back-up power to avoid interruptions.

Other extra services may include in-house décor facilities. Good venues should be able to provide quality seat and table covers when needed, antique centrepieces, and lighting fixtures, among others.


Well-established venues may have a couple of restaurants offering different cuisines. The menu should be adaptable to the attendees’ preference. This reduces loss from food waste arising from your group not used to a particular cooking style. Always include a variety of foods prevalent to your attendee’s background and tastes. If opting for outside catering, it’s important to communicate and stick to the selected meal schedules.

How available the venue is should be another catalyst for making a decision. Countercheck your dates with your service provider to ensure that they don’t overlap with other events.