Fireplace mantle decorating ideas


Are you planning to redecorate your living room with a focus on your fireplace? You want to make a cozy and warm living room atmosphere? Here are some ideas for you to create a wonderful looking home with only focusing on the fire mantle and the surrounding space.

Wall paint colors

Why don’t you use wall paint to color your fireplace? It will be easy and it won’t take much time to do it. Choose colors like mustard yellow, navy blue, or sage green to paint your fireplace. These colors will bring an elegant look to the living room. Don’t forget to add decorative touches to highlight your mantel by hanging antique mirrors, vintage paintings, or filling it with beautiful lush plants.


If you go for the minimalistic look, you can create a boho mantel. Try to be selective as much as possible and keep your décor to the minimum so that the walls can be the spotlight. On the mantel, install shiplap backing above and below the mantel and place a small stack of trinkets, such as books, vases, and candles. The whole space will look unique with these artsy combinations.

Scandinavian vibe

Do you want to add a bit of a Scandinavian vibe to your house? To get that, put neutral pieces on your mantel. For example, a stack of books, branches, and greenery. Create different levels of a design scheme by using props and pictures in different places up at different heights. This will bring a Scandinavian vibe to your living room.

A letter board

Add a letter board with an interesting quote and replace the pine cone garland with something seasonally appropriate. Propping up a letter board with a fun quote is a great way to welcome guests into your home and show off your wit. You can also add a small lamp and mirror, which can help throw light around your mantel space.

Choose a maximalistic look

If you want to go all the way and fill up your fireplace mantle, then do it. Decorate it to the maximum. You can add whatever you like and every piece of collectibles that you have. Everything you place on your wall will bring out your personality and taste. Go for place topiaries, fresh or dried flowers, candles, and a big mirror to be your focal point.

Add a classical look with a big clock

Add a traditional touch by placing a big round clock above your mantle. Frame photos or floral ornaments are a good option to keep it more personal and modest.


With a mirror, you can never go wrong. Adding it above the mantle will beam a natural light across your living room and make it look bigger. It will bring a natural element to your space. With the mirror, combine a beautiful brass piece, a mini-bust, few feathers, a nice stack of books, and a plant on your mantle. With this combination, you will have a natural design look and freshness in your living room space.