For that Special Man in your Life


Do you ever find yourself wondering or even worrying about the perfect gift for a particular man in your life? It might be your husband or partner, a relative or special friend or even a colleague that you want to give something really memorable too. It can be quite challenging to come up with ideas that you feel are worthy of the occasion and which express your affection for that special person, especially if they are someone who already appears ‘to have everything’. It can also be difficult to find that particular gift that in itself is beautifully designed and which will still be treasured for years to come without having to break the bank in the process.


Well, take heart! Pocket Watches are back!  There is resurgence in the popularity of one of the most treasured items a man can own – Pocket Watches! Don’t be fooled, these are not necessarily of the ilk that most of us would typically picture when we hear Pocket Watches. There are of course a delightful range of the traditional timepieces in gold or silver with solid covers and delightfully designed faces; however, there are so many more designs to feast your eyes on now. You might consider something with a less traditional look and a little more wow factor, such as the skeleton design. These beauties have a more open cover which allows you to see into the inner workings while still displaying either roman or standard numerals. They also come in a range of metals including black with brass covered numerals, brass, ceramic and a whole range of exquisitely designed patterns.

One of our favorites which is designed to cater for the most discerning man is the Full Hunter. This collection features hollow frames or solid, roman numerals or Arabic, solid cases, and just about any finish of silver, gold, brass, dark or black metals and an amazing array of patterned frames. There are dagger points and flowers and hearts or Sunspears and classic Victorian pieces that will really impress even the fussiest of men.

We love that each of these pieces is hand wound to get it started and then the mechanical workings take over and keep it going by your movement. What a great gift for someone who is hard to please and would appreciate the detail and superb craftsmanship of these timepieces. A pocket watch can also be personalized by having a name or date engraved on it, to mark a particular occasion. And it can also be a great conversation starter. When you spot a pocket watch on a solid chain it immediately begs questions about the history and significance of the piece.

So think about a pocket watch for your next ‘man gift’; they can be cool or classic or just plain bold and masculine – whatever the personality there are pocket watches to surprise and delight!