Fused Bottle Crafts That Will Make You Say Wow


There are so many things that you can do with glass bottles, and I know that you have already tried tons of DIY projects and have repurposed them into your interior design in lots of functional and decorative purposes. But have you ever thought about fused glass bottles? They look totally amazing and I’m sure you can’t resist them. Once you flatten the bottle you get to reuse it in plenty of different ways. Here I’m going to share with you some Fused Bottle Crafts That Will Make You Say Wow, so check them out and get inspired! What’s great about these bottles is that they don’t take much space and still can get a lot of jobs done! The glass is a durable material and you’d love to have it around! Plus, it’s so easy to maintain!

When you put together three fused bottles you will get a lovely plate. You can use it to serve food in a brilliant and cool way. How do you like it?

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What do you say about using the fused bottles as a jewelry holder? Just hang it on the wall. You are going to love it cause it doesn’t take much space and you will have all your necklaces organized.

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I really love the way how the fused bottles work as plates or bowls for serving any kind of wood. What do you have in mind?

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We all need something where we can rest our spoons while we are cooking, and the fused bottles is just the perfect thing to have. Use it as a rest spoon and cooking will be much easier!

Image via yaraticiprojeler3.blogspot.mk

Are you a fan of wind chimes? The colorful and playful glass bottles of different shapes that has been fused make a wonderful chime which everyone would love!

Image via glasscraftonline.com

What do you say about turning the fused bottle into a clock? It’s a cool and unique design that will get everyone’s attention.

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The fused bottles make adorable decorations for your home. If you are living on a budget but you still want to get some new wall decorations, it’s time to make them on your own. Give the fused bottles a try. I’m sure that they will fit into your home decor effortlessly!

Image via deavita.com

It seems like the fused bottles fit great into the office as well, so you may want to use them as card or paper holder.

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Has it ever occurred to you that you can display your house number or family name on fused bottles in a marvelous way? It’s an eye-catching design that is easy to spot!

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What do you say about making a candle holder out of fused bottle?

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This is a super cool phone holder that all of you would love to have! It’s time to get down to work!

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How do you like the fused bottle crafts? Aren’t they just adorable? Let me know what you think in the comments below!