Future Elements Of The Earring


Earrings are the ultimate accessory, worn by both men and women for centuries. There is evidence of people wearing earrings, dating back from ancient Egypt and the ancient Persian city Persepolis. Both men and women in ancient Rome wore earrings as a status symbol. Nowadays, this is a more popular piece of jewelry among women. With having a wide choice on the market, you can find the perfect piece for any occasion. With having so many different types, the choice is tough. And we have a helpful guide for you. Read more about the Future Elements Of The Earring !

Animal earring

Not only animal lovers will love these ones, as they are a great accessory that will bring your look on a whole new level. The haze started when the owl earrings became popular. Then, the start of the animal jewelry craziness was marked. With having so many versatile designs to choose from, you can find the perfect animal earring for you.

Tassel earring

Tassels are that special detail that brings style from head to toe. You can often see them on shoes, and jewelry as well. These types of earrings are meant to make a statement. You can notice them fluttering above the ladies’ shoulders with elegance. The long shape will help you frame the face. This is definitely one attention-seeking accessory, that is successful in this mission. That special someone will love the way the tassels sway when his lady is laughing. No need to add additional jewelry such as necklace, as this piece is meant to be the central point of visual interest.  Tassel-earring is something that enjoys huge popularity during the summer, so make sure that you get a pair.

Flower earring

Flowers are one special detail that bring femininity to the jewelry design. Studded or hanging earrings, the choice is up to you. You can find many different styles of flower earrings, and therefore choose the ones that fit your personal style. From cute everyday ones, to oversize earrings that make a statement, anyone can find their favorite pair.

Worried about spending money on overpriced jewelry? The good news is that you can purchase your perfect flower earrings online. There are great deals and you can get tons of them for a great price.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have a circular shape, that can be open so it can pass through the ear piercing. Did you know that they were worn by every lady back in the disco era in 60s and ’70s? And guess what? They are back to being trendy again. Small or big, thin or thick, you can always choose the ones that will flatter your face. These ones will make a style statement for sure.

Compared to the other types of earrings, hoops have the best ability to draw attention to the face. The round shape will flatter your jaw and cheekbones, while adding a nice definition to your face features. Hoop earrings will remain a classic, so make sure that you invest in at least one pair. Also I love the way they can complement daily looks, as well as evening outfits too.

Drop earrings

These ones are considered to be classy and feminine. A good pair of drop earrings can do wonders for your outfit. How do we know what exactly are these? They tend to drop just below the earlobe, which limits the movements. However, there is a difference between drop and dangle earrings. Dangle earrings have a chain or wire that extends below the earlobe, and allow the earring to swing back and forth. So basically, the difference is that dangle earrings can be longer.

A proper hairstyle should go along your pair of drop earrings. Since these have a specific design, you should wear your hair up. Do not let hair strands to cover your earrings, because everyone should be able to admire their beauty.

 Bonus:Tips on wearing earrings

  • If your ear piercing is freshly done, it is advised to let it heal for 4 to 6 weeks. At this time, you should not take off the stud earrings.
  • Choose earrings according to your face shape. Oval shaped face can experiment with anything, as every type will look flattering. Women with round shaped face should wear long earrings. Ones with heart shaped face should wear tear drop shaped earrings, so a balance can be achieved. Hoop earrings are the best choice for square shapes.
  • Avoid wearing large earrings with a necklace. You are allowed to have only one statement jewelry item at a time. When wearing your favorite pair of eye-catchy earrings keep your hair sleek and simple.
  • Always adjust your hairstyle to the type of earrings that you will be wearing. Due to practical reasons, you are not able to wear long earrings if your hair is not up. They can tangle in your hair.