Get English Glamour in Your Kitchen


The kitchen is at the heart of every home, and it is becoming increasingly fashionable to make it a multi-functional area with plenty of gadgets, clever storage and slick designs teamed with mood lighting and seating areas for socialising. It should be a functional room, but there is always room to show some flare and reflect your personality too.

Whatever your taste there is something for everyone. Mereway Kitchens for example, have some great ideas on how to get English glamour in your home, whether it’s a classic style or a modern and contemporary design.

The English revival

The English revival is underway with vintage style still very much on the scene, with a throwback to classicdesigns and retro furniture, so why not bring that into your kitchen design too. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to go for that will offer the comforts of a modern kitchen, but with a traditional design and feel.


It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or out in the countryside, you can bring the comfort of a country kitchen into your home, with the timeless Shaker Style. This design always looks effortlessly elegant, whether you have a modern twist with contemporary handles or a more antique look. The great thing about the Shaker style is how versatile it is and itlooks great whatever the colour. For a homely and modern feel choose pale blues or soft creams, that also look great alongside natural wood units or worktops. However, if you prefer a clean and crisp atmosphere go for an all-white style, finished off with pale marble or oak worktops. Your kitchen is guaranteed to feel glamourous whatever you choose.


Vintage style with modern touches

However, if you prefer your kitchen with modern nuances, then don’t fret. There are plenty of gorgeous designs that will have your kitchen fully kitted out and oozing style and glamour from the moment you walk in.

Choose unit fronts that are completely smooth, or that feature simple detail that will keep your kitchen feeling sleek and modern all the way through. Plus a functional island in the centre of the room for seating, food prep or storage really adds a new dimension. Colours that really go well with this style are matt greys or blues, in contrasting shades or wood effects. The contrasting colours or textures lend themselves to a modern look, especially if you install clever lighting too. The ultimate finishing touch will be the handles, so make sure you choose a design that is elegant and sophisticated, just like the rest of your kitchen.

When you have chosen your design and have everything you need to make your kitchen functional and glamourous, don’t forget to accessorise too. It could be a new wall clock so you can keep an eye on what’s cooking or maybe a few tasteful English themed items that will really make you feel at home.

Why not put some English glamour into your kitchen and make it the centre of your home and a true reflection of your unique style.