How Your Home Can Feature a Statement Piece of Furniture


When it comes to your home, it’s not uncommon to feel like there’s a lot of pressure on ensuring that your living room features the best and latest elements of design. After all, it’s a place that you’ll use to host guests and relax after a long day, so your living room will need to be stylish and practical.

You can use statement furniture to create this effect by placing certain items in your living area to create a focal point. Designed to give the “wow factor” to your space, you can use items that already make a feature in the room to give a statement effect by using these four easy techniques:

What does statement furniture mean?

Designed to give a fantastic first-impression on anyone who enters the living room, a statement piece of furniture is a sole item that acts as the focal point of a space.

However, mastering the balance of incorporating statement furniture in your home can be tricky and needs to be well-balanced against other design features. If you’re placing the item in a sparse area, the piece can look out of place. On the other hand, placing the piece in an overcrowded area that already houses multiple pieces can make it look much more suitable.

What counts as a statement piece?

Any large or interesting item can be used to create a statement area, with the most popular furniture item being a luxurious chesterfield sofa. This is because their unique design can complement both traditional and modern homes, whilst their intricate detailing makes them a refreshing change from typical couches.

You can also use large artwork pieces to create a statement item, or a large mirror. This is because artwork and mirrors are able to bounce light around the room and give the impression of brighter colours; a factor that is key to creating a well-suited statement piece.

How to feature statement furniture

Although positioning is key to placing a bold item into any room of your home, the following techniques can be used to make the item look cohesive across your room’s existing interior design:

  • Measure the amount of space you have available before purchasing any new items as overcrowding can take away from the bold statement aspect
  • Consider pairing similar items to blend the styles – for example, placing contrasting pillows onto your statement sofa
  • Use a variety of patterns, colours and textures to add extra detail
  • Place the statement piece around other aspects of a certain size – for example, avoid placing small table lamps beside a large sofa as this can make the feature piece look too big for the space.

As you can see, your home doesn’t have to showcase a handful of medium-sized pieces that have no real impact on people visiting. Your home is your sanctuary so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, textures and statement pieces until you find a set-up that you like!