How to Get Acquainted on the Web in 2020


Loneliness is not the best state of a person. If you don’t have a better half yet, then don’t worry or despair, it is better to use the Internet to start a more active search for someone who could become the love of your life. Unfortunately, some people dating on the Internet make significant mistakes, which leads to the inefficiency of this method of searching for a chosen one. Here are some useful tips that will help you use online dating more effectively and increase your chances of success in finding your second half.


Different Approaches and Features of Starting Online Dating

Conventionally, all approaches to Russian women dating on can be divided into two categories — active and passive.

  • With an active approach, you immediately send a message and wait for a response. It’s simple.
  • A passive approach is to put likes and leave comments under photos of a girl you like. But it is not worth hoping that the girl will write first after this. The technique may have worked 5 years ago, but now it is hopelessly outdated. In the best case, you will receive the same courtesy.
  • There is a more subtle option. Study the list of groups the girl is subscribed to, find her comments and leave your own in response. Don’t wait for a response to a comment like “I agree with the author”. But the method of provocation will work perfectly. Challenge the girl’s opinion — and immediately get her answer (everyone wants to prove their point). The main thing is not to be rude, be polite. A couple of comments in the group — and you can safely send private messages.

How to Continue Communication After Acquaintance: Topics for Conversations

When the correspondence is established, choosing a topic for conversation will not be difficult. Learn about the girl’s interests. Tell her about yourself. Talk about movies, books, music groups, travel, pets, seasons, weather, favorite places in the city, food and drink preferences. You can share childhood memories or plans for the future.

Discuss day-to-day stuff or world news. If the girl has shown herself to be an educated interlocutor, discuss history, art, and philosophical issues, of course, if you are also versed in these spheres. The main rule — don’t talk about yourself all the time and often ask the opinion of a new companion.

What You Shouldn’t Say

  • You don’t need to share unnecessary details about your personal life. Topics about ex-girlfriends are forbidden! 
  • Avoid male themes. A rare girl will be interested in a story about tuning a car, why a particular football team lost, or tips on how to quickly pump up the deltoid muscle. 
  • Beware of talking about religion and politics, do not raise national issues.

Don’t postpone a date. No virtual communication, although it is also important, can replace a personal meeting, at the end of which it will become clear whether you are suitable for each other or not. Naturally, you need to meet only with someone you liked while chatting on a dating site. Virtual dating with the right approach can turn into true love.