How to Get Year Round Beauty in Your Garden


Your garden should be a place you can enjoy year round, but most gardens tend to be forgotten during the winter months, like an empty room you stop using. There are still ways however that you can keep things look green during the winter and looking fresh during the summer months. With the right planting and general care there is no reason why you can’t look out of your window and enjoy all seasons.

How to get year round beauty in your garden3

  • Spring.  Spring is the time to get planting, late winter early spring is great if you want to grow from scratch. Getting out there can really start to get you excited about the coming warmer weather. Spring is the perfect time for garden tidy ups, leaf clearance and lawn care. This is the time things really start to shoot up so it’s important to give them the room and light that they need in order to grow. Start picking out your summer colours and pruning hedges, you will notice the point when the grass starts to grow again and you will need to get back to lawn mowing, so better get dusting off that mower.

How to get year round beauty in your garden

  • Summer. Your garden should be flourishing by the warm summer months, regular watering should be done especially if you have a lot of pots on the patio. Now is the time for lawn restoration and repair as grass can get thirsty and tired during the later summer months. It’s a good idea to keep on top of weed control and removing dead flowers as your garden changes and expands quickly.

How to get year round beauty in your garden2

  • Autumn. As the leaves start to fall and flowers fade, evergreen plants and shrubs start to be your main focus. Get these planted early so they have time to get themselves established and keep the greenery throughout the year. As things start to fade it might be a good idea to get in gardening professionals during this time, they can have a clear up done in no time and really make your garden look good again, ready to survive the frosty winter.
  • Winter. Winter is a good time to get things done that would have been inconvenient in summer, patio cleaning, fence painting, furniture varnishing are all good to do now when the weather is dry. This way you won’t have to sacrifice your outdoor sitting space when the weather is nice or endure any unpleasant varnish smells when you want to enjoy barbeques instead. It’s time to trim back any plants that need it, trimming and hedging can be beneficial at this time and arranging a garden waste removal might be a good idea for all those cuttings and fallen leaves. It’s important to get your garden prepared so that it will be able to flourish again the following spring. This is also a good time to get some bulbs under the ground and seeds, you can look for them as the season starts to change, there is nothing more exciting than seeing those first bulbs popping up to greet the sunshine. Check the back of any seed or bulb packets to see the suggested planting months to help you along your way.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get out in your garden even when the weather is cooler. Tending to your plants and lawn is a great excuse to get some fresh air and really feel connected to your home. Sheltered patios are great for cosying up while still getting the opportunity to overlook your natural creations.