How to Keep Your Cat Off the Screen Door and Kitchen Counter?


This question comes up all the time among the new cat owners. You are probably bored and want to stop your cat from jumping on the screen door and kitchen counter, aren’t you? You are on the right destination! We have some great tips that will help you keep your space clean and free of cats.


Your lovely pets love elevated places and that’s why they are jumping all the time. This behavior is reinforced if the cat finds food. Combine curiosity with food and you will find it hard to prevent your cat from jumping. However, follow these tips and you and your lovely cat will live more peacefully.

  • Keep the counter clear all the time! If there is food left out, your pet will continue to jump. Clean every spot of your home!
  • Don’t punish. Cats when punished can become frightened. Physical or verbal punishment like yelling or swatting most often causes stress or provokes aggression.
  • Confine the cat during meal preparation and mealtime. If your pet won’t stay off the table while you are preparing food, confine her in a room with toys, water and bedding. Let her out when you are done.
  • Give them some activities to do. You can make a tall cat condo and reward her with treats for climbing to the top.
  • Play with your cat at least once a day. By doing this your furry friend will be happy and will burn excess energy as well.

I found a video that you may find interesting!

What do you think the cat owner used to keep the cat off the screen door and counter? Many cats don’t like sticky surfaces, so I think both are covered with double-sided tape. What is your opinion? Share your comments with me!

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