How To Make A Hidden TV Lift Cabinet


A TV is a must-have a part of every living room. But sometimes, you find it as an eyesore and think that it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the room decor. So, in such cases it may be good to hide the TV somehow and yes this can be possible if you have a hidden TV lift cabinet.

It will look something like this!

TV lift cabinet

So, you can choose to buy a motorized TV lift mechanisms and install it inside and existing cabinet or maybe even on a wall behind a cabinet. Or you can even try to build one such TV lift cabinet. This is a better option for you if you want to save some money. And yes it may seem to you like something pretty hard but the tutorial that you will see below will help you build a TV lift cabinet for your living room.

Let’s watch the video now and find out how to build this hidden TV lift cabinet.

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