How to Maximize Your Outdoor Space: Lighting & More!


As we approach the end of the summer season, it’s time to start making the most out of your outdoor space. Sure, you’ve been taking advantage of your outdoor space all summer long, but haven’t you started to notice some of those areas where it could use a little, well, cosmetic maintenance. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered with some DIY changes and easy fixes that can help you maximize your outdoor space and end summer with a bang!

Check out these easy tips, from your outdoor lighting to your plant life below!

Be Purposeful

One of the primary reasons why people tend not to use their outdoor space as much as they’d like is because they don’t have enough of a reason to be out there. Sure, on a sunny day, you might want to stretch out and enjoy the sun, but how often do you really do that? For most of us, the chances are pretty low that we’ll actually head out there without a little push.

Give yourself that necessary push by planning your next party or outdoor dinner. While you might not think your space is quite ready for entertaining at the moment, it might just be the deadline you need to get motivated and make some changes!

Segment Activity Spaces

If you’re looking for those ways to be more purposeful about spending time in your yard or patio space, the best way to go about that is to create segmented activity space. If you have a green thumb, one great idea is to start an herb garden. Herbs are one of the easiest plant families to maintain, and there’s nothing better than fresh ingredients to use in your cooking. It’s a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and gardening has countless health and therapeutic benefits.

Speaking of fresh ingredients for your cooking, your space is a great place to do some fun outdoor cooking. Who doesn’t love a cookout? If you don’t have a grilling space already, there are some lovely options that work for small spaces, as well as more substantial projects for outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, a rustic outdoor pizza oven will wow any houseguest.

Other spaces you should include are a seating area and coffee table for your guests to convene and chat with a glass of wine or a grassy lawn space for outdoor games like croquet can be fun. If you host a fair amount of dinner parties, an outdoor dining table is essential, and it totally changes the dynamic of your gathering to dine under the stars.

Improve Your Lighting

If there’s one factor that can totally change the way your outdoor space feels, it’s your lighting. If your space is dimly lit, it’s not going to foster that sense of warmth and welcoming that you’re looking for. Look for chic options like Hinkley outdoor lighting, available from sites like Lumens, that have stunning options for your space. When you brighten your outdoor space, you make it an extension of your home that people are happy to spend time in. Lighting makes all the difference in the world, and that becomes clear the moment you upgrade your fixtures. Pick a style that fits with your existing design aesthetic and meshes well with the architecture of your home. If you pick out the right fixtures, it’ll feel like you’ve had perfect lighting all along.

Try out a few of these tips for maximizing your outdoor space and you’ll be all set to enjoy the end of your summer season in style!