How to receive more likes on your publications on Instagram


In many ways the popularity on Instagram strongly depends on the number of likes you receive on your publications. The more likes you receive on your content the bigger are the chances to  grow your Instagram page quickly. In order to manage to develop a popular Instagram page you should have patience ,because the process is not an easy one for sure. However you should try to develop a successful Instagram page because nowadays the application is so popular and powerful that it can bring to you or to your business many advantages and benefits. In this article we are going to review a list of some tips and tricks that can help you to gain many likes on your publications. 

  • Publish content often. In order to become popular on Instagram and to develop a successful business or personal Instagram page you should publish content frequently no matter if these are images,videos or Instagram stories .By posting often you will keep your audience engaged with your content which will make your Instagram account more attractive and you will receive more likes on your publications in the long run. 
  • Communicate with your followers. When you replying to the comments that people are leaving under your publications you will show them that you care about them and their opinion. People love to feel valuable ,so keep the communication with your audience high. You can also answer people’s direct message. Instagram also provides the option to like the comments under your publications which also is a way of communication. It is another way of engagement that can bring more likes on your posts as well.
  • Hashtags. One of the most important things when it comes to gaining organic followers there is one great engaging tool called “ hashtag” which can bring you not only likes but many new followers as well. However there are many suppliers on the market who can support you by increasing your followers  by providing different packages and services. If you choose to buy likes on Instagram or followers, just make sure you are using an already established company. Such companies can assist you on your journey developing your online identity. In fact “hashtags” are keywords related to a specific topic that are clickable connections that lead to different topics and you can search content on Instagram by using these hashtags. Moreover if you use hashtags on your publication the chances to be discovered by other users are much bigger.
  • Add your location whenever you post content. By adding your location on your publications and stories will definitely lead to more traffic ,specifically likes for sure. It is fact because along with hashtags the users of Instagram are able to search content by using their locations. This way your publications will become more reachable for people who are not your followers yet, who will probably put a like on your publication if it is good enough.
  • Run contest or a giveaway. You can attract many new followers and many likes on your publications if you use a bit imagination and create a contest or a giveaway. Many Instagram users run different contests with different prizes which brings much traffic to their Instagram pages. You can ask the users who want to join your contest to like the publication , follow you and also tag some of their friends in the comment section under your publication. You can run contests once in a while and you will see your engagement rate much higher. 

In fact Instagram is a whole new world where you can both communicate with your friends and family and run a successful business at the same time. The social platform provides many opportunities to everyone who wants to be a part of the Instagram community.