Ideas for a Children’s Garden Birthday Party


When planning a party for your child, it can easily all add up and become one big stress, even if you are organising it to take place in your own home (which then probably becomes one big mess). Garden parties if your child is a summer baby is the perfect alternative to forking out lots of money to host the occasion somewhere, and will save your sofas if you were considering having a kid’s party in your home.

Garden parties are fantastic – you just may have to think outside the box a little to make it more special. We’ve come up with some of our favourite ideas to transform your garden (temporarily!) into a child’s birthday dream.

Pick a theme and go crazy

Your little one will no doubt love feeling like a princess for a day, or having all their friends dress up as superheroes for the afternoon. Think about what they love and how you can use that as a central point for the party. It also makes things quite a bit easier as you can get organised and get things coordinated, from outfits to decor to even food. Yep – themed food! Check out the themed food at this amazing Lego themed party. Get the kids/guests excited from the get-go with themed invitations too. (As you can see, it’s very easy to get carried away, but we guess that’s part of the fun!).


Include things to keep them entertained

The idea of hiring out somewhere is appealing as they generally do all the hard work for you in terms of keeping the kids entertained, but will slowly bankrupt you in the process. Instead, why not put together a few things to keep them occupied and amazed? This could include anything and everything you could imagine! There’s the standard bouncy castles and generally inflatable options, but you could also go crafty-er (and cheaper) with painting stations, DIY games, DIY face painting stations and dress up areas. Again, aim to keep things involved with the theme where possible for maximum effect.

Have a parent’s section and shelter for when it’s really sunny

It’s a good idea to have somewhere for the adults to sit and watch the little ones play, but preferably out of the way so they can hear each other as they chat (as well as hear themselves think!). Don’t just stick them in the corner though, however. You could invest in a gazebo (or even hire one for the day) and decorate it, continuing the theme. These small details will show your partygoers how much thought has gone into the party, and will keep the little ones amazed as they go and visit their mums and dads. Keep things bright as the day dawns with lighting – kids will love fairy lights. Or if you want to keep costs down, you could even use solar garden lights, available online from Lights 4 Fun. These are perfect for BBQ parties for older kids during the summer, too.