Inexpensive Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Enjoy


Every parent wants to give his or her child an unforgettable birthday party, but the pressure to put on an enjoyable celebration is causing parents to shell out more and more than what they intended to spend in the first place. According to a recent report, the average kids’ party can cost anywhere from $500 to a whopping $20,000. Moreover, social media has fed the need to make children’s parties more lavish and bigger than ever. However, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a party, a party planner, and a country club venue to celebrate your child’s milestone—you can plan a unique and fun birthday celebration for your child by having an outdoor birthday party in your garden. With a bit of thought, creativity, and some careful planning, you can certainly have a fun time in your own home and save money at the same time. Here are some inexpensive outdoor birthday party ideas that your kids will enjoy.


Alice in Wonderland tea party

Lots of little kids like to dress up and have a tea party, so take it up a notch and have an Alice in Wonderland tea party instead. Have everyone know about the theme and get them to dress up as any of the Wonderland characters, and deck out your little one a la Alice complete with a light blue dress, a matching headband, and a white apron. Bring out a long table, cover it with a white tablecloth, and serve tea, little cakes, sandwiches, and pastries. For decoration, string some fairy lights all over the place, stick paper roses into bushes and trees, and have an outdoor wall fountain near the table for an extra touch of magic. For party favors, give each child a paper bag full of candy or other food, and make sure that the bags have an attached label that says “Eat me.”

Camping birthday party

Little boys and girls love the idea of camping, but you don’t have to go all out and host an overnight party. A whole afternoon spent at camp can be just as fun, so set up tents, picnic tables, an outdoor movie screen, as well as an obstacle course for your little one’s special day. Plan a few outdoor games, then have a screening of a movie with a camp theme such as “Camp Rock,”  “The Baby Sitter’s Club,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Parent Trap,” or “Yogi Bear.” For party favors, hand out make your own s’mores kits and personalized t-shirts.

Pirate birthday party

If you don’t mind having little kids do a little digging in your garden, then have a pirate-themed birthday party for your child. Have everyone come in pirate gear and serve cake and other desserts flecked with edible gold glitter. Play some pirate games and let them build a DIY pirate ship, search for buried treasure, or lead the kids in a scavenger hunt. Send each child home with a small cardboard “treasure chest” containing a bandanna and some chocolates wrapped in gold foil.

A fun birthday party for your child needn’t cost a fortune. Consider any of these tips for your kid’s next birthday party and let your child have some fun outdoors while celebrating his or her special day with family and friends.