Key Home Décor Tips That Can Spruce Up Any Room


Designers do not follow a secret rulebook when designing homes; they just imagine, explore, and follow their intuition. Therefore, you should not worry if you do not have a degree in interior design. You will do a great job when you follow your heart. Here are some key tips for decorating your house:


Give your furniture room to breathe


Do not overcrowd any room. Do you want to live graciously? You need enough space to maneuver with relative ease. If you are working on a tight budget, this news must be exciting because you will not have to purchase a lot of furniture. Instead, you should spend your money on a few quality pieces. High-backed chairs are a great addition to any room because they draw attention to themselves without being ostentatious.


Hang artwork at a convenient height

For the average human, eye level is at about 57 inches. Therefore, you should hang any artwork and decorations that you have at the same height. In a room where ceilings soar, you might be tempted to hang your artwork a bit higher – resist that temptation. The height should relate to the human scale, not the scale of the structure. Are you still unsure about the right height? Maybe you should take a picture. A photo can reveal much more than your naked eye is capable of seeing.

Use an application like Photoshop to draw on the picture; this might give you an idea of whether a smaller or larger piece of art is needed. Where art is not enough, you can place a tall plant against the wall to cover up a vacant spot.


How to arrange furniture

On the rug – this will only work if your rug is large enough to fit all furniture legs on top without appearing too squeezed. Placing furniture on the rug creates a luxurious feel. Just remember to leave at least 12-18 inches of space on all edges of the rug.

Off the rug – when your rug is small, an off-the-rug arrangement works for small rooms. In addition, the furniture legs are kept off the rug. Ensure that the rug appears close enough to touch the front legs of your furniture.


Add layers of lighting

Different forms of lighting can make a room appear different. A central lighting fixture lights up a room without creating a dramatic effect – nothing stands out. Professional interior designers add layers of lighting to create variety, interest, and intrigue. You need to pick primary and secondary focal points to highlight. You can also add a relaxing ambience to your bathroom using layers of lighting. When light bounces off a faucet, it draws attention to the sophisticated piece. You can buy bathroom items from


Be bold

Your personality should be front and center in your home. Add unexpected details for a dramatic effect: the more you experiment, the easier decorating will become. An oversize chandelier and ottoman seats are unexpected in a conventional seating area. Stay away from commonly used pieces if you want a room to wow everyone who walks into it. People will remember a uniquely decorated room.


Create a focal point


You need to choose a piece and make it the focal point of the room. The other items in that room should take a secondary role. When everything takes the leading role, it may result in excessive visual noise. Make sure that the main focal point draws attention to itself.