Kitchen Reno Trends That Are About to Explode in 2015


With home values rising and interest rates remaining low, many homeowners are tapping into home equity to complete a kitchen remodeling project. Others may have been scrimping and saving for months and years to update their kitchen. Now that you are ready to move forward with your plans to renovate your kitchen, you may be wondering what some of the hottest trends are. There are a number of beautiful and stylish trends for 2015 that you may want to incorporate into your renovation plans, and you can consider these hot trends as you prepare to renovate your space.

Wood Grain Cabinets

Painted cabinets may have been a popular option in recent years, but the latest trends are now for wood grain cabinets to prevail in kitchens. There is no right or wrong wood type or stain to select with wood grain cabinets for 2015. However, oak is a popular option, likely due to its strength and durability. It is also increasingly popular for cabinets to have different colored stains for a dramatic effect. Cherry wood and maple are also popular options.

A Whitewashed Kitchen

For those who are not enthused about wood grain cabinets in the kitchen, take heart in knowing that you can still have a trendy kitchen in white. The latest trend for white kitchens is to have an all white kitchen with little or no deviation. This includes completely white cabinets, white appliances that seem to almost blend into the cabinets and even white flooring.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

Bright, shiny chrome features are now a thing of the past. Many are replacing these fixtures and opting for oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, which are decidedly darker and very stylish. In some homes, the darkness of oil-rubbed bronze may be too significant or dramatic for the décor. If this is the case with your home, you may consider a satin finish nickel or brushed chrome look for your fixtures. This includes light fixtures, faucets and other hardware.

Brass or Copper Fixtures

For homeowners who want to make a splash with color in their fixtures and who are willing to be at the forefront of trends, installing brass or copper fixtures is a great idea. These have a distinctive hue with either yellowish or reddish metallic sheen, and they will certainly stand out and get noticed. While not the hottest trend in home décor, this is seen as an up and coming trend that will soon replace the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures that are very prevalent now.

A Colored Sink

Another great idea to add a touch of personality to your kitchen is to replace that old stainless steel sink with something more stylish. As stated on Renovation Kingdom website, You can find a number of sinks in white, black and gray, but there are also other interesting colors. Some have a sheen, others are muted or even have a touch of sparkle to them for added flair.

Trend-Proof Design Elements

Many homeowners who are renovating their kitchens understand that some of the fixtures they select are relatively permanent. For example, the main way to update the look of cabinets and counter tops in a kitchen is to complete a renovation project. Because of this, many cost-conscious homeowners are looking for colors and trends that are relatively timeless. They are opting away from looks that may be outdated within a few years.

Open Floor Plans

A final trend that has been popular for many years and continues to be popular for 2015 is an open floor plan. If your current kitchen is relatively closed off from the rest of the home, you may consider different ways you can open it up to the rest of the home. For example, removing a wall, widening doorways or adding a pass-through window may may helpful. When you do this, keep in mind that the colors and style of the rooms should be rather complementary.

Renovating a kitchen can be a fun and exciting project, and one of the most exciting parts of the project is to design your space and pick out your materials. As you make your selections, keep some of these great ideas in mind. You will love the end result when you include some of these hot trends in your plans.