Make your home more contemporary with these 5 easy changes


A person’s home is their castle and after spending so much more time there in 2020 than ever before, many of us have taken more of an interest in how ours looks. For some, a passion for antiques might have been ignited and having the spare time to trawl auction sites or find replicas will have allowed this to blossom. For others, an uber-chic contemporary look might be desired but you might have no idea where to start. If this sounds like you and you desire a more modern and contemporary finish in your home, there are several ways you can achieve this. Take a look at these ideas for changes which can instantly make your home look more contemporary:


Promote natural light

This may sound harder than it needs to be – you won’t have to rip out all your windows, knock down walls and beg the sun to put his hat on all the time. Instead, you can change the internal doors within your home to glazed ones and you’ll find your space is illuminated everywhere. Light might not initially seem to be a contemporary feature but if you look in the pages of any interior magazine, it is exactly what modern homes have in abundance. 

Change the flooring 

It might be something we walk on every day, but it can be largely overlooked and the reality is, you can underestimate the negative impact your floor can have on the overall appearance of your home. Choosing something more modern can lift the whole appearance in one installation so is well worth the investment. 

Update the curtains and blinds

Again, another area of the home which can easily blend into the background and have more of an impact than you realise until you change them. There are so many different types of blinds available, including motorised ones that can be operated by remote control that they can’t fail to improve the appearance of your house. Take a bit of time to choose the right ones and you’ll see a big difference.

Add some greenery

Plants might not seem contemporary but they can be if you choose the right species and displays. For example, succulents are incredibly popular and they can feature in stunning displays such as terrariums. You can also create an ‘outdoors indoors’ garden-style feature with multiple plants in the same area that will instantly modernise your home. Not only will the place look much-improved, the addition of plants will add a natural aspect to your home. 

Add some contemporary accessories

If you don’t want to fork out a huge amount, you can add some little extras which will make all the difference to updating your look. Take a look at what the most stylish prints are and add a few cushions with it on to your lounge and maybe choose some ornaments or other extras such as candles and features inspired by which will all update the look of your home. 

Making even the most traditional of houses more contemporary is achievable without having to completely gut the interior and start again. Don’t forget, you can successfully blend multiple styles to create a modern look and it will be even more unique.