Omega Watches: A Star for the Stars


Omega watches is a style statement- fast, and spiffy. That is their way to go. Their watches make heads turn, and wrists happy. It attaches an instant stature to the people who wear them, wherever they go. Whether coupled with a ruffled up shirt, or a crisp yet casual t-shirt, they add a bit of twist to every outfit.

Omega watches at Ethos Watches Boutiques are some of the watch-makers best creations. If watches are art, Omega is Picasso, and ladies and gentlemen, you are lucky to have been born in a century when art is at is best!

It is true that Omega makes men and women feel like stars, but even stars don’t fail to talk about it reverently, as seen on innumerable instances. You don’t believe me? Read on!

1. Reinhold Messner

A significant photograph of the inspirational Reinhold Messner at the South Pole, shot during his 1989-1990 Antarctic Crossing made the news when it was first floated around. Messner, with his Omega Speedmaster Professional strapped on to his rugged wrist, looked ready to take on the world. As if he had not already. We know Messner, you said that the wonderful things in life are the things you do, and not the things you have, and we agree completely. But it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful luxury watch to boost up your morale once or twice, does it? 

2. Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon made Omega Speedmaster Professional, the “Moonwatch” of the century. It was one of the most significant wristwatches on the 20th century, with this fascinating history attached to it. 

As Aldrin very rightly said, “Nobody cares about the bronze or silver medals.” But folks, is it so wrong to care about amazing watches – especially the ones that have such fabulous histories?

3. Elvis Presley

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, known for his remarkable style, possessed the rare Omega black-dialled Constellation Calendar produced around 1960. Unsurprisingly, it was the most high-profile and sought after item in the “Important Vintage and Modern Timepieces” auction. Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? 

4. Jeremy Clarkson

“I am an Omega man. The day I went away to school, my parents gave me a Geneve Dynamic.” True words spoken by the English broadcaster, journalist and writer, Jeremy Clarkson, who attaches a deeper meaning to his Omega watch. We feel you, Jeremy. The picture depicts him proudly showing off his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch. 

A good watch in need is a friend indeed!

5. Daniel Craig 

Our badass James Bond, sported the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Known for his long-term association with Omega, he seems to have impeccable taste! 

6. George Clooney 

The Omega DeVille Hour Vision that Cloony wears has a prominent steel case and dial, along with a classy black leather strap. Like Danial Craig, he has been one of the leading ambassadors of the brand. Fine men always have fine taste. 
7. Prince William of Wales

Royalty attracts royalty. You don’t believe me? Well, soon you will. 

Prince William of Wales wears an Omega Seamaster Quartz – 300m mid-size, with blue bezel and blue dial! It was a gift from his mother, the late Diana, and has been spotted with this for more than a decade, thus being a loyal ambassador for the brand!

Class for class – star for star. That is the way to go. It is quite obvious that the legacy is unbeatable, and Omega will forever be known for its predominant panache.