Popular Ways to Display Your Awards and Trophies in Your Study room using Glass Shelves


Most people enjoy displaying their valued items so they can share them with families, friends, and visitors – and what better way to display your awards and trophies if not on a glass shelf. Wood shelving and metal shelving are good but I am sure you’d like the best for your awards, glass shelves will not only light up your space, it will also give your study room a look of class and charm. With glass shelving, you can transform an ordinary wall into a showcase area giving your visitors a pleasing sight to behold.

 Another good thing about glass shelves is that it can be used in any type of interior décor style, along with any color and pattern. Installing glass shelves for your awards will allow you to display them in its entirety, as these shelves are clear, and even the bottom portions of the awards will still be in view. Glass shelving will allow your viewers to appreciate your achievements more and even treat them with more care. 

These glasses are made with sturdy materials and will not break no matter the size or weight of the award. They are very easy to clean and maintain and you don’t have to worry about rusting or molting as with metal shelves and wooden shelves.  

Why display dropsies and award shields over shelves made of Glass?

Displaying your awards on a glass shelf comes with countless benefits I am sure you’d like. Award shields are something we appreciate and we would like to display them in the best possible way and make them even more beautiful. Trust me, there is no better way to display your award shields than placing them on a shelf made of glass. You can go as far as incorporating some lighting effects on the shelf and create an eye-catchy view for your visitors to admire when they come around. The benefits of glass shelving are numerous, from the visibility of display to low maintenance, elegance, versatile, transparent, durable, light effect, and aesthetics, glass shelves should be your only option for displaying your awards if you ask me. 

Why do you think celebrities spend thousands of dollars just to beautify their glass award shelves? It’s because of the psychological effect. How? Good question! When they wake up in the morning and take a look at their beautiful glass shelf of awards and trophies it gives them an added push to do more and achieve more, glass shelves amplify the beauty of the awards and have them dreaming and craving for more. 

Peacock Chrome Brackets with glass shelves to serve as a strong supporting tool

The Peacock chrome bracket is the perfect type of bracket to use for your award shelf because of the kind of beauty it adds to the shelf. 

The Peacock chrome brackets are manufactured using a heavy-duty die-cast zinc alloy, it is then powder coated to give them an attractive look and feel. This kind of bracket is tailored to work with 0.13”to 0.94” thick glass and wood. You can use this beautiful bracelet for your glass and wooden shelf in the living room, dining room, bathroom, study room, office, and porch. When installed, this bracket gives you an invisible and sublime finish as all the screws are hidden.

This bracket comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The sizes are used depending on the depth, width, and weight of the shelf. The small size peacock bracket is ideal for a shelf depth of 6-inch, weight support of 35 Ibs, and 48-inch width. The medium size is ideal for a shelf depth of 8-inch, weight support 45 Ibs, and 48-inch. The large ones are ideal for a shelf depth of 12-inch, weight support 55 Ibs, and 48-inch width. 

Rectangular Trophy Shelves Vs Square Trophy shelves: Which one to use?

You can use any shape you like provided it serves the purpose well. Whether it is a rectangular shelf or a square shelf, the most important thing is for it to display your trophies or awards perfectly. Rectangle glass shelves are more ideal for trophy display because there are some trophies that are too long or too big to fit in a square shelf. However, generally, depending on the space you have for your shelf, or what you’d like to place on the shelf. You can go for square shelves as well as rectangular shelves provided it suits your taste and space.  

In terms of aesthetics, both the rectangular and square-shaped shelf can add beauty to your space and you can use both shelf shapes anywhere in the house. A square-shaped shelf is great for displaying small trophies or awards and when you use square-shaped shelves for your awards, it makes them look less scanty even if the awards are not much. The rectangular-shaped shelf offers more room than the square-shaped shelf; it can also accommodate big trophies and will eventually save you some space. 

As mentioned earlier, both shapes are great, it only depends on your taste, the space you have available, and the type of trophies or awards you want to place on the shelf. 

Final thoughts

As seen above, glass shelves are by far the best shelving option for your awards and trophies. It helps you beautify your priced items and create a focal point for aesthetic viewing.