Practical DIY Soap Holders That Are Easy To Make


Have you ever thought about making a brand new or decorating your existing soap holder? Sometimes we have to pay attention even to the smallest details in the home, so it looks super polished. The Practical DIY Soap Holders That Are Easy To Make are going to catch your eye for sure. You will definitely want to give some of the ideas a try and express your creativity in the bathroom. The DIY designs are versatile, and there’s a design for everyone’s taste. Whichever design you choose, it’s going to be an eye-catcher for sure and it’s going to grab the attention of everyone who visits your bathroom. Check them out and see which idea do you like the best!

You can make the soap holder below by repurposing an old plastic bottle. Cut it in the shape you like the most and hang it anywhere in the bathroom.

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What do you say about redecorating your soap dispenser with Lego? It’s an idea that will fascinate your kids, and they may even want to wash their hand more now they have such a cool design.

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Any mason jar can become a soap dispenser. You can even use tape to decorate it in an interesting and fun way. See how it’s done in the tutorial below!

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The fans of Jack Daniel’s will totally be fascinated with this design and I believe it won’t take long till they make it. How do you like it? It’s an awesome design, isn’t it?

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Why spending money in the store when you can repurpose your favorite mason jar into a soap dispenser? This DIY craft is very popular and everyone seems to love it!

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This is an environmentally friendly soap holder made out of onion bag. It’s an original idea. How do you like it?

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What do you say about repurposing your boy’s toys to create some fantastic soap and tooth brushes holders? They will add a fun twist to your bathroom. Go ahead and give it a try!

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Even the brush you don’t use anymore can be reused in the bathroom. Use it to hold your soap in a unique and unusual way.

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How do you like this cool glass bottle soap holder? Would you like to have it?

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Use pebbles and small decorative stone to make your own soap holder. You can use the stones that you have brought home from the beach this summer, so they will remind you of nice and warm memories.

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Even the ice cream sticks can become a part from your DIY project. Use them to make the design below!

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The crafts that make use of bamboo have gained a huge popularity. Now, you can create your own soap holder out of them.

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Hod do you like the wooden design of soap holders?

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Have you already picked the design that you are going to recreate soon?