Protect Your Doors and Windows with Dutch Hood Awnings


When it comes to protecting doors and windows against heat, glare of the sun and strong winds, Dutch hood awnings are widely used to enhance the beauty of exteriors by owners of both domestic and commercial establishments They can be more widely seen in restaurants, offices and cafes. Apart from keeping out of the elements, Dutch hoods are also sound proof. The European style quotient imparted by a Dutch hood to a building is also very impressive which may be one of the reasons of their popularity especially in commercial establishments. Signage can also be imprinted on the Dutch hood awnings which make them even more desirable for commercial establishments.


Dutch hoods awnings are available as retractable awnings, which are made using simple mechanisms of rope and pulleys to cover the retractable frame. They can be easily fixed to a particular position. Thus, customers have two choices of Dutch hoods awnings, retractable and permanently fixed.

Material and Strength

Dutch hoods comprise of high quality aluminum frames which provide enough strength to it to remain stable in the face of strong winds.

The aluminum frames are also resistant against rusting caused due to exposure to the elements. The actual skin covering the aluminum frames, which are responsible for the main function of the awning, can be made of different kind of fabrics such as PVC or acrylic fabrics. The skin can also be made of canvas. The designs of the awnings enable the fabric to be replaced in case of any damaged or when the owner wants a new color.

Simple Dutch Hood Awnings

Small and simple Dutch hood awnings are available for small windows and doorways. Frame material is aluminum while the fabric is polyester or acrylic. A remote controlled switch is used to operate the awning which is motorized.

Multi Step Dutch Hood Awnings

These are French style Dutch hoods which are aesthetically appealing and enhance the architectural look of the building. They can me made using various fabrics such as PVC, acrylic or polyester. The shape and color of the awning can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Mechanism of operating such Dutch hood awnings involve a rope pull and handle crank system.

Cupola Style Dutch Hoods

Cupola style Dutch hoods are suitable for windows, balconies, gardens, and terraces. Shops and hotels widely use such kinds of Dutch hoods. The fabric used in such awnings is usually acrylic or polyester while the frame is made of aluminum alloy. The awnings are highly durable and provide good protection against UV rays and rain.

Dutch Hood Canopy Awning

Canopy style Dutch hood awnings are perfect for shade and rain protection. The fabrics used in the awnings are of premium quality made by international brands. The aluminum frame is capable of withstanding high temperature, rusting and tension. The operating mechanisms of the Dutch hoods have been made simpler. Self locking arms enable the user to adjust the height easily by using a pull stick or by hand. They are sold in a plethora of design and styles.