Remodel The Closet For An Easier Orientation. Tips.


Changing the blankets is usually not the last step of a big house cleaning. Indeed, there is always something to do or there may be something, which should look better after some tiny little adjustments. From wiping off dust and polishing the windows or the picture frames, to placing a decorative candlestick in the middle of the side table – you can spend at least another few days only for changing the small details. Remodeling the closet is something to put high on the agenda, because it may look like an easy and quick thing to do, but it is a quite overwhelming exercise especially if you are hoarding clothes and other stuff in the same place. It also depends on the size of this space and from a myriad of other factors, so let’s take a look at the following tips on how to make your closet easier for orientation.

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– First, reorganize the closet. A thorough and efficient cleaning is just not enough even if you do it every month and your closet is as big as the bathroom. If you only get rid of the dirt and the dust, you actually mask the true condition of the closet. Get yourself a brush and carefully wipe off every suite, shirt and all other clothes hanging in the cabinets. Reorganizing means a complete change of the look, so make yourself a sketching with the imaginary location of all the clothes if they are really a lot. This will give you the advantage to know exactly what you are trying to do and what should be the final effect of the reorganization of the closet. A quick brushing of all the exposed clothes should be enough to be ready for their new places, but in all cases – make sure that you put only clean and fresh looking clothes during the reorganization. Don’t forget to clean the furnishings in the closet during the home cleaning too.

– Second, make a new layout. Again, first sketch the layout and then begin with the real reorganization. This step may include some heavy lifting and other milestones, but is definitely worth it. A great idea is to put new drawers or change the location of the old ones, but place them only in a couple key places. If you block the closet with drawers, you can find some difficulties in finding a specific shirt, for example. On the other hand, a proper clean look of all the clothes is the best way to wear all your clothes and not only the newest or the best ones. Try to put all the clothes in open drawers so they can be seen easily only with a blink of the eye. Another great storage option is to store in baskets, on hangers or attach numerous hooks on the backsides of the doors. The storage bags and boxes are good for an easier access to the objects in it, such as shoes and ties.


– Third, label everything. This is the second greatest tips for an easier orientation. The first one (exposing all the clothes so they can be easily seen at once) actually may seem like it excludes this second one (labeling the boxes), but there is always something that you can’t place in an easily visible place except if you have a truly huge closet. That’s why labeling is indispensable. It helps keeping the clothes and the items in the closet neatly and safely, and the orientation is even easier when the labels are short and contrasting.

– Fourth, make more room in the closet. The greatest space saving tip is to use not only the horizontal surfaces for piling clothes, but the vertical too. Use your imagination to place hangers everywhere.

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