Rugs – An Age-Old Way of Decorating Homes


When it comes to house decorating, the trends keep changing constantly. But in these ever-changing trends, the style of rugs has remained constant for ages. The production of rugs has been traced back to the bronze age. As old are these rugs are, the reason why every homeowner loves rugs is that they can be used in many different ways.

I will list down all of those and you would not agree less on the amazingness of rugs:

  • For decoration: Rugs give a comfortable look to the whole house. They are therefore greatly chosen for decorative purposes. The best part is that they are available in various shapes and vibrant colours. A comfortable rug can make the room to be a single unit. You can also have illustrated rugs to match with your theme.
  • Insulation: Hard flooring is necessary in each home but it is not enough. Hardwood floors are not at all insulated and tend to become as cold as the outside ground in winters and heated up in summers. The discomfort caused by this can be avoided by using rugs. They act as insulators. Because of the packed nature of fibres, heat remains trapped during winters and cool indoor temperatures are easily maintained during summers.
  • Comfort: Rugs give a snugly feeling to the feel. We all know the bliss our feet feel when walking on a soft rug. Also, for homes where there are kids, rugs are like the safety precaution. Kids are prone to falling and tumbling. Rugs, being soft prevent the kids from injuries. This way, you get comfort plus protection combined.
  • Soundproofing: Sometimes, people use rugs to enhance soundproofing of the room. When the room is large and is solely made with hardwood or laminate surfaces, there is a lot of echo effect and that hinders the original voice greatly. To avoid this, most of the floors and walls are covered with rugs. They absorb sound and prevent it from echoing and thereby soundproofing the complete space. The room looks pleasing as an added benefit.

Now that we all know hove versatile rugs are, let me tell you about the types of rugs. The variety of rugs are as varied as its functions. But, basically, all the rugs are classified into 4 types based on the style of weaving:

  1. Pile rugs: This rug is made in a that it has a pile and is not completely flat like a fabric. These are handmade or hand knotted. They are so durable that they can even last for around 80-100 years. It takes a weaver around 6 months to make a knotted rug with exquisite design. Stating this, it is obvious that it is very expensive, yet completely worth the price.
  2. Flat weave rugs: These rugs are flat and have no piles. The surface is uniform.  They are made with wrap strands with create its foundation and then the designs and colours are done by weft strands. These are generally imported from India.
  3. Machine made rugs: As these pile rugs and flat weave rugs are expensive, there is an alternative available for these. These rugs are made by machine weaving and are not as beautiful and intricate as hand woven ones but for people who do not want to invest so much in a rug and do not want that high durability, machine made ones are the best pick.
  4. Handmade rugs: These rugs come in 4 types, namely hand hooked, hand loomed, hand knotted, and hand tufted. A handmade rug will last for generations and take a long time to be made.  All the above mentioned handmade rug types vary in looks and you could choose any of those according to your preference.

The best part about all these types of rugs is that no matter which you choose, rugs are the best in comfort and vibrancy.