What Are Run Flat Tyres and How Do They Work?


Run flat tyres are not a new creation; they have actually been in existence since the 1980s but they have grown in popularity, to become a favourite with drivers today. If you need to replace your Yokohama tyres, you should think about the run flat option. But why is this the case? What is so great about run flat tyres?

The aim of this article is to make you aware of what run flat tyres are. We are also going to consider how they can help make life easier for you as a driver.

  • The benefits of a run flat tyre

If you have ever been driving a vehicle that has developed a flat tyre, you know that this does not always happen in a convenient location. It could be that it’s dangerous for you to change the tyre where you are. This is how run flat tyres can help. They are manufactured in such a way that you can drive on them even if they are flat; at a specified speed and for a certain distance. This gives you the opportunity to reach a garage, or at least get to a place where you can safely change the tyre.

Run flat tyres also make it easier to handle the vehicle if you suddenly lose all of the air from a tyre at once.

  • Different types of run flat tyre

If you are thinking of buying run flat tyres for your vehicle, you will find that there are two different types available.

  • Self-supporting run flat tyres have a reinforced sidewall which provides the vehicle with support even when there is reduced air in the tyre.
  • Flat run tyres with a support ring structure make use of a ring of hard rubber which provides the support necessary to enable the car to be driven even when the tyre is flat.

It does not matter which type of run flat tyre you use; they both do the same job.

  • Only a temporary solution

You should never forget that run flat tyres are only a temporary solution; the tyre still needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The tyres come with manufacturer’s instructions that tell you how far you can drive on them, and at what speed.

You should always stick to these instructions, as not doing so can be dangerous. Run flat tyres provide you with the means to drive a short distance if you need to. Once you are in a safe environment you need to stop and change the tyre, or pull into a garage. Never drive any further than you really need to and never exceed the maximum possible distance. If you use them in the right way, run flat tyres can make life a lot easier for you, as a driver. They help to keep you safe on the roads should you be unlucky enough to have problems with a flat tyre on your vehicle.