Rustic DIY Burlap Decorations That Will Impress You


Burlap has been widely used in the past and people still continue to use it for various different purposes due to its durabiliy and good looks. Have you ever thought about making some burlap decor designs that you can display in your home? It’s impossible to resist the burlap, and I believe that you will find the DIY project here super interesting. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Rustic DIY Burlap Decorations That Will Impress You.

Make burlap part from your home and leave people speechless. They will notice it immediately and will definitely question you where you got the decorations from! Get down to work and make some lovely personalized decorations!

Your old and damaged ottoman can be repaired if you just cover it in burlap. This material is so durable and the ottoman is bound to serve you for many years that are to come.

DIY Burlap Decorations to Add Rustic Touches to Your Space

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The decorative pieces for the walls don’t always have to be bought from the store. The home-made decorations are more beautiful and let you express your creative side. Have fun with burlap and create canvases that you can later embellish in any way that you want.

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Flower bouquets are part from every home, but if you want to stand from the rest of the crowd, make your flowers out of burlap.

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If you are about to host a lunch or a dinner , and you want to set the table in the rustic style, then the burlap table runner is a must for you. Let it take the main scene and make all of the difference!

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Make a big pillow for the bench in your patio by using burlap. It’s going to fit in the surroundings perfectly well, believe me!

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Many couples decide to have rustic weddings, and one of the main materials that are used for decoration is the burlap. There are so many ways in which you can make burlap decorative pieces, you just have to find the ones that you like the best and recreate the looks! Start from the wedding invitations!

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Add burlap flower accessories to the wedding glasses and make them look fabulous!

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Use burlap to number the tables at your rustic wedding.

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You can even add burlap to your wedding bouquet!

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Make burlap pockets that will hold the fork, spoon and the knife at your rustic dining room setting! Everyone is going to compliment you on the good looks of the table for sure!

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Use the mason jars as flower vases and add burlap to make them look fascinating. They match perfectly well, so give this design a try!

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How are you going to use burlap? Are you going to add it to your home decor, or maybe you are going to use it for your wedding decorations? Let me know in the comments below!