Safe Towing: Top 7 Towing Trailer Mistakes


When someone talks about towing, for sure it sounds like a fun activity. It is even more tempting if you see someone doing it with a lot of ease. Towing is a practice that has been around for quite some time now and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. Anyway, in as much as you might be having some fun while towing, there are some challenges or difficulties that usually comes with it mostly for the inexperienced people. Below are some common mistakes they usually make when trailer towing.

  • Overworking the Engine

This appears to be the most common mistake usually made by many drivers. When you overwork the engine of your towing vehicle, you might as well be starting a series of multiple problems for your engine. This might cause a meltdown and when this happens, most of the times the situation could call for a new transmission.

However, this can be avoided by constantly checking on your temperature gauges, pressure and the exhaust fumes temperature gauges.

  • Using Incorrect Bars for Weight Distribution

This will automatically bring you some problems while on the road. If your weight distribution bars are not set well, be sure of having a bumpy ride whereby your towing vehicle and the trailer will be bouncing from one another.

Well, when this occurs, you stand a high risk of damaging your frame and hitch as well. You are supposed to be using the correct weight distribution bars especially those that come with chains. They are usually tunable and are available in different weights and strengths. Installing the right bar size will help you have a smooth ride since they will be parallel to the frame of your trailer. So choose a best weight distribution hitch if you can.

  • Failing to Maintain or Check the Brakes

Brakes are usually the most important aspect when it comes to safety but most of the times they are always overlooked by drivers. You should note that the brakes of your trailer should always be manually adjusted since they can’t adjust themselves like the ones on your vehicle. If you are a driver who likes towing and has a trailer, you should be regularly checking on your trailer’s brakes and make sure you replace them if they are worn out.

  • Poor Loading

Well, when it comes to loading, this is not rocket science. Even a small child will assure you of having problems when driving obviously because you are having an imbalanced trailer. Towing a trailer that is poorly loading will result in difficulties in your controls. You should make sure that you have the weight of your load evenly distributed to avoid shifting while on the road as this might even cause accidents.

  • Towing on Tires with Low Pressure

Most drivers always experience tire blowouts mainly because of their ignorance of not checking on the pressure on their tires. Maintaining the correct pressure for your tires will see you have an even wear of the tires. It is always recommended that you check your tire pressure before you leave since blowouts can usually be more dangerous especially when it happens to the rare tires of your trailer.

  • Not Following the Local Towing Regulations

Honestly, getting a ticket while going for a vacation or coming back is not always a good thing. Anyway, avoiding this is really easy, you only need to adhere to the towing rules and regulations of the particular state which you are in.

For instance, most states will always require you to have safety chains that attach your trailer to your towing vehicle and some taillights too. Others will require you to have some extra side mirrors or some special equipment for braking purposes.

You should also not that different states have different regulations when it comes to towing speeds, trailer width and the number of vehicles allowed for towing. Knowing all these should help you to drive smoothly and safely through any state you might be passing.

  • Forgetting to Lubricate the Moving Parts

Have you checked what might be causing that annoying sound under your trailer or even on the hitches? If you have been in this towing business for a while, you should be knowing that lubricating the moving parts of your towing vehicle or the trailer is a necessity. You should check and lubricate your axels and the pivot points where there might be any friction taking place. This should also come as a preventive measure for both your vehicle and the trailer. Lubrication reduces friction and helps your machine to operate smoothly.

As you have seen, these are some of the most common mistakes usually made by towing drivers. Some of them might even look stupid or small but can cause massive destructions and damages when not taken care of at the right time. Remember, when you are towing, you will not be alone on the road and making some of these mistakes might also bring harm to other drivers on the road. Try and avoid making these towing mistakes and stay safe while protecting those near you too.