Seven Exciting Outfits to Pair with Platform Boots


When attending a rave or musical festival, you’re going to be on your feet for a good amount of time. That’s why picking the right shoes is so important! One fashionable footwear option that’s incredibly popular in the rave scene are platform boots. Platform boots give you the height lift of a heel, while providing a comfortable, supportive sole so you can dance the night away with your fellow ravers. What’s more, there are so many fun ways to style platform boots to create the ultimate rave look. Read on to find out what outfits to pair with your favorite platform boots. 

Hello Holo

Platform boots come in a variety of colors and materials to choose from. One awesome way to style platform boots is to go with a holographic pair that changes color as light reflects on them. Some boots come in all-over holographic fabric, while others come with smaller holographic accent trims, so you’ll be able to find just the right holo look for you. Try wearing a pair of holographic platform boots with a matching holo crop top and mini skater skirt, and you’re sure to be the reflective queen of the dance floor. 

Psychedelic Sixties

Sixties style is in this season, and chunky heel platform boots are perfect to wear to round out a super psychedelic look. Pick boots with a glossy leather finish and style them with your favorite rainbow daisy colored two piece to look like you just stepped out of a rocking rave time machine. Have a blast at your next rave while looking like a blast from the past! 

Chain It Up

For a deliciously dark look, try a pair of platform boots with chain appliques. Wear them with an all black harness outfit and a chain charm belt to look like the ultimate edgy goth queen. Or, wear them in contrast with a pretty princess pastel outfit to show off your naughty and nice sides. The only thing that can’t be chained up is your amazing fashion sense!

Shine On

Sparkle it up on the dancefloor with a pair of sequin covered platform boots! Sequin platform boots can spice up a monochrome matching set, or be paired with rhinestone studded pieces to make your outfit look oh-so-fabulously over the top. Accessorize your sparkly platform boots with some body glitter and face gems to complete your look. With a glowing look like this, there’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll be the shining star of the dance floor at your next rave. 

Go For a Sneak(er) Attack

If you’re a sneaker fan, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the platform shoe fun. Platform sneakers are another great footwear option for raves that provide a more casual look than boots. Just like platform boots, platform sneakers come in a variety of prints and fabrics. If you usually wear black boots, it could be fun to diversify your rave wardrobe with a pair of brightly colored platform sneakers for bolder outfits. Or, if you’re going for more of a sweetheart look, try a pair of perfectly lovey-dovey pastel platform sneakers. 

Strap On Some Sandals

Headed to a summer music festival? With hot temps, platform sandals are a great shoe option to beat the heat in style. For a light and summery look, pair your sandals with a bikini top and pair of booty shorts with a mesh skirt over them. Just be sure to avoid getting your toes stepped on if you dive into a mosh pit. With a pair of great platform sandals, you’ll be looking like a summer daydream!

Fly Thigh High

Thigh high platform boots are a form of shoe that go over the knee, lengthening the look of the leg in a flattering lace-up style. They’re perfect to put on over a set of leggings or a pair of fishnet tights. Or, pair them with your favorite cut-out bodysuit for a sexy look to strut your stuff in. However you choose to style them, your legs will be looking long and lovely in a pair of thigh high platform boots.

Platform boots are a fashionable and functional shoe that are perfect for rave wear. They give you the elevated shoe height of a pair of heels, while providing much-needed support so you can dance until you drop at your next rave or music festival. Platform boots are incredibly versatile; it’s easy to find a pair that will suit any style you’re into. Whether you’re a sixties go-go gal, a leather loving goth goddess, or a pastel princess – there’s a platform shoe that’s right for you. If you’re not a boot person, there are also a number of styles of platform sandals and sneakers to fit your fashion vibe. What kind of outfits do you plan on pairing with platform boots?